Good Saturday Afternoon to you! 🙏 ( I slept a lil late 🙊☺️💋) Here is your regular Saturday Auction!!! These #auctions are a great way to get an intentionally bundled gift set from BethKaya at a little sport and for less! These auctions proudly have been a Saturday standard for over a year with every one sold! 🙏💋 This mornings bundle has summer high tides and low tides on the mind. It’s a time for transformation, and rejuvenation of ones energy stores. ⚡️🌊💎Here is a bundle I’ve paired just for that: This Bundle Contains – 1 Vintage Rose Motif Crystal Grid Dish with Holographic #FlowerofLife 1 Pack of #Patchouli Stick #Incense by Herb and Earth 4oz Tin of Crystal Infused Lime All Purpose Healing Balm – Vegan (No Beeswax) 1 Citronella Votive 1 California Sage Mini Smudge 1 Mookite Sphere – Dimpled North and South Poles – Self Standing 1 Pyrite Chunk 1 Raw Black Tourmaline Chunk 1 Large Golden Calcite Chunk 1 Raw Amethyst Chunk 1 Black Tektite 1 Polished Tibetan Quartz Point One of my most amazing bundles yet – So excited! Winner Pays $8.00 S/H (Large!) Anywhere in the US and is rated for international bidders. 🔮 Bidding Opens At: $26 dollars and goes in whole dollar increments. This bundle retails for $85+.! To Bid: 💫 Comment With Your Bid Tag Who You Are Out Bidding (Please!) Bidding Ends At 9pm EST Sunday Enjoy and Good Luck! 🙏💋❤️


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