Good Saturday Morning Auction To You! These auctions are approaching the 2 year mark. A lot has happened since I first started them, I have evolved a lot as a person, friend and artist. Also Instagram has changed a lot too with the community. FEAR is one of those tools people use to control others. Last night we all stood by shocked as fear was being forced on innocent people in Paris. What a horrific tragedy as people embarked on their weekend they set out to enjoy and ended up in the hands of demons. That’s how peace is destroyed. This morning’s auction is a peace builder again. I’ll keep doing them as I see peace unweave before me in our own community and in our community at large. The job of the awakened is to seek healing, to spread a message of light penetrating darkness, to empower your neighbors and send them home in safety, not fear. We all are here to serve a divine purpose, no one of us is any more important than anyone else. Every beating heart is a heart that came into this world in the same way. If you are striking fear into anyone by your mission, shame on you. Today’s offering is in prayer, in peace and safety of the heart – to calm grief and console confusion, bring forth wrathful change. ?This bundle includes: 1 – EYE OF HORUS gold foiled dish – host sacred pieces / altar or offering plate. 1 – Vial of Stargazing #Moringa Miracle Scrub with skin clearing Essential Oil Blend 1 – Jasmine Angel Candle – Intention for Peace and Protection 1 – Orgone Crystal Point with #Amethyst (All Soothing Healing) Aluminum, Quartz and Gold Leaf 1 – Surfside Spray – Beachfront Hues 1 – Shea and Pink Salt FaithFul Grace Soap 1 – Sacred Bath Soak Vial with Pink, Black #Lava, Dead Sea Salts Roses and Lavender petals 1 – Trumpet Pod – (cleaned by my 4 year old) filled with Citrine, Moonstone, Coffee Moonstone, Sardonyx, Carnelian, Fluorite, Rose Quartz and Calcite This bundle is valued over $110. Today’s bidding opens at $28 and goes in 1 dollar increments. To Bid Comment with Your Bid Tag Who You Are Out Bidding ?Winner pays $6.00 shipping and handling USA and rated by zipcode and weight for Intl Customers. Auction Closes 9PM EST Tomorrow, Sunday. Thank You.


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