Good Saturday Morning to you! 🙏Hope you are well and in good warm spirits – 🌞today’s regular Saturday auction is about warming 🌝and cooling 🌚properties, transitioning into the next space 🌌of consciousness and season ;) 🍂These auctions are a neat way to get an intentionally bundled set from BethKaya for less and at the hand of a little sport.👌 This mornings bundle includes: 🍂1 Mini Home Grown Marigold, Sage and Thai Basil #Smudge 🍂1 Unreleased Batch of Dead Sea Mud, Orange Peel and Tulsi & Milk Layered #Soap – 4.2oz with Botswana Agate Polished Stone Inside 🍂1 18g Tube of #Peridot 🍂1Polished Carnelian #Palmstone 🍂1 Box of Feng Shui #Incense – EARTH 🍂1 Strawberry Orange #Calcite 🍂1 Polished Fluorite #Heart 🍂1 #Citrine Point 🍂1 and Last Pack from Batch of KAUAI DREAM sacred sugar and salt body scrub ⚡️This bundle has stellar energy and retails for about $60. 👏Bidding Opens 💎At $19 💎and goes in whole dollar increments.. To Bid – 💫 💫Comment with Your Bid 💫Tag Who You Are Out Bidding ✨Winner Pays Shipping $6 dollars S/H USA and Rated By Zip for International Winners. Auction Ends Sunday at 9pm EST! GOOD LUCK! ✨ #parcel #spa #deadsea #crystals #minerals #intention #crystalinfused #bethkayaauctions #skincare #holistic #gemstones #auction


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