Good Saturday Morning To You! Happy Birthday America & Hubs! 💋 Here is your regular Saturday auction and its a special one!! These auctions are a wonderful way to get an intentionally bundled set of BethKaya goodies for less and with a little sport! This mornings bundle is set with the intention of drawing love, confidence, squashing drama, purifying & elevating your frequency and includes: ✨ High Quality Weatherproof (Car!) Holographic 3.5″ #FlowerofLife Decal Designed by my friend Tyler ❤️ ✨ 1 Optic Himalayan Clear Salt Crystal and #Sacred #Tulsi Crystal Infused Soap Special Edition Bath Treatment Duo ✨1 Canister of #Ramakrishanda Resin Incense Blend (#frankincense, #myrrh, bay leaf, honey, #sandalwood, lavender, Rosemary, rose petals, orange peel, Amber & cinnamon – All natural!!! Mineral Colored) ✨1 pack of charcoals for burning ✨Orgone Gemstone Point (Purite, Selenite, #Amethyst, Hematite, Onyx, Aluminum & Money) ✨ 3 Raw #Crystals – Chalcopyrite , Topaz, #Aquamarine, Citrine ✨ 2 Green #Fluorite #Tetrahedrons ⚡️🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿⚡️ To bid- 🍂Comment with your Bid 🍂Tag Who You Are Outbidding 🍂Whole Dollar Bids Please 🍂Winner Pays $7.00 S/H USA & is rated by your location for International Customers! 🍂Ends Sunday (Tomorrow) 9pm EST 🍂Bidding Opens at $24 (Retail Value is $52 ) 🔮 #goodluck #bethkayaauctions #minerals #gemstones #intention


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