Good Saturday Morning to You! Here is your regular Saturday Auction. I will have three auctions today for you! That will all end tomorrow at 9pm EST. August is looking really busy for me so I’m packing cases for various events and finding treasures to pair intentionally for you! This kit as I mentioned yesterday is a special reflection. This bundle is paired with the intention to lift personal security, cement ideas, clear auric field and draw inward and outward love and trust. This bundle retails for over $80.00 and includes everything shown. 🌿1 Sprig of Purple Caspia 🌿6 #Ritual Candles 🌿1 Mermaid Ritual Candle Holder 🌿 1 Dram of Crystal Infused Annointing Cleopatra Oil (Sweet Musk, Best Seller with Hibiscus and Lapis) 🌿 1 Menthol Calcite Piece 🌿 1 Rose Quartz Chunk 🌿 1 Hiddenite Stick 🌿 Wood Curl Shavings @jdrewsilvers (can scent if u wish) 🌿Resin Incense Blend with myrrh, frankincense and Dragons blood. 🌿 1 Cedar, Sage and Palo Santo wrapped Smudge 🌿 1 Wrapped Bundle Of Fresh #Lavender from my #Garden 🌿1 #PaloSanto Stick 🌿 1 #Sage Sprig Home Grown 🌿 1 Beaded #Medicine Pouch Necklace with a Polished Terminated Tibetan #Quartz Inside ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Amazing bundle! To Play: 💎Comment Below With Your #Bid OPENS at $26 💎Tag who you are outbidding 💎 Whole dollar increments – Closes Tomorrow 9PM EST – Serious Bidders Please, Winner Pays $6.00 S/H USA and rated shipping for International Bidders. ✨Thank you for always supporting these! ✨ Over a year strong!! ❤️🙏🔮 #goodluck #auction #parcel #bethkayaauctions ⚡️Also don’t forget about the #soulspiritgiveaway – Collab Poetry Slam Giveaway hosted by @emmyeffdesigns and also my #bethkaya15k parcel giveaway! ❤️✨️Enjoy Today, Live In the Moment, Don’t Let Anyone Dent Your Sunset! ✨❤️


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