Good Sunday morning to you!!! Just wanted to let you know I’m keeping vanilla beach on special for another week in my etsy shop and adding Nag Champa to the bill. (Reg $13 – will be $9 this week!) When I think about classic summer scents – this is one of them. It reminds me of my old days on the festival and phish circuit. You could always smell it wafting through the air or on someone’s clothing to the distant sound of the grateful dead. Westerners might not even know about it if it weren’t for The Beatles! Did you know that? The Beatles took a spiritual journey through India and brought elements of their journey back to America and started to expose a movement towards cross spirituality and fusing music, style and spirituality into aligning concepts. I know some folks get upset over cultural appropriation sometimes when it comes to spiritual style but I think it comes down to respect, honor and appreciation. If you are honoring a culture with your appreciation and respect for their beliefs, and incorporating that into your own environment – that is America for you. We are a melting pot of cultures! The key words are honor and respect. ❤️ #nagchampa #folklore #spiritstyle #bybethkaya


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