Happy 1 Year Insta Auctions!


Good Saturday Morning to you! 🙏 This is your regular Saturday Auction! ✨ These auctions are a way to get an intentionally paired bundle from #BethKaya for less and at the hand of a little sport.  Today's Bundle is Paired with the intention of Renewal, Self Confidence, Overcoming Hurdles and Determination and Includes: 🌐 1 oz Vegan #Crystal Infused Matcha Tea All Purpose Vitality Balm 🌐 1 Wooden Hawaiian Stick Pencil 🌐 1 Tube of Sacred #Detox Salt and Clay Bath Soak 🌐 2 Foraged Eastern Red #Cedar Heartwood Splits 🌐 1 Rough Black #Tourmaline Chunk 🌐 1 Rough Lapis Slice 🌐 1 #Pyrite #Druzy Chunk 🌐 2 Rough #Chalcopyrite Chunks 🌐 2 Rough #Emeralds 🌐 2 #Kyanite #Sapphire Pieces 🌾🌿🌾🌿🌾🌿🌾🌿🌾🌿 Beautiful collection resting on one of my favorite Vinyls (#thewall NFS) 😍 To Play: 💫Comment With Your Bid 💫Tag Who You Are Outbidding 💫Bid in Whole Dollar Increments  Winner Pays $6.00 USA shipping and handling and $16 International Anywhere. 🌿Bidding Opens at $12 (Retail $60) - Auction ends Sunday (Tomorrow) at 9pm EST. Serious bidders only! 👌#goodluck #goodvibes #bethkayaauction #gemstones #minerals #bodycare #skincare #vegan #natural #holistic #auction #crystals #crystalinfused #crystalhealing #pinkfloydSo in case you don’t know, every Saturday *AROUND* 11:30am (Usually when I come to after a long night of working, I push it on Fridays) I currate an auction on Instagram @BETHKAYA. These are intentionally bundled goodies that I put together and my lovely Instagrammers have a shot to bid for them. Well we are a bit over the one year mark on these auctions and they have been a HUGE success. Every single one has sold, and gone to completely loving hands. They usually end a bit lower then the retail cost of the bundles so that gives people some access to some of these products for less and it’s just fun. There’s loads of people on Insta doing it too! Exploring photography and the platform for different things. I hope to continue to create these fun things and hope they are received just as lovingly! Thank you to my instagram audience for helping to make them a total success! (This one closes at 9PM EST Sunday! )

Happy Birthday #BethKayaAuctions (If you search that tag you can see some of the auctions I’ve done over the last year!)

My Heart, Beth



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