Harmony Project – Spirit Recess & BethKaya Update for January 2016



2015 has been incredible – in a lot of facets. I think about where I was a year ago and who I was. Maybe I was kinder but also very vulnerable. That vulnerability both built and burnt me. Letting people into my work helped to push this medium and message into light while also allowing challengers into my path. This was a year of cutting through emotional vines, social vampires and committing to my job as I create it here before you. My journey through healing powers the art that I create and with that offers something to you, somewhere. I have been practicing with crystal grids for years. It started as simply collecting crystals, cleansing them and arranging them. Now this has developed into a healing medium for me in several ways. Arranging these things immediately calms and soothes the soul. Working through patterns whether you are drawing or arranging helps the mind process subconscious things floating in our auric spaces. This can be a form of channeling or meditation for many and it takes no skill level to begin. Sacred Geometry is a heavy element to my work because I believe once you understand how these shapes apply to life and spirit – a lot begins to unfold spiritually and make sense. It’s a path like any band you adore. You buy the first CD and are hooked, you move through the body of work because of your appreciation for where the medium brings you. Sacred Geometry is a lot like that. Dig for yourself, so much unfolds – it’s a personal journey!

I created a series of manifestation / mantra cards. Presently you can only get them inside of orders from my etsy shop, for a limited time beginning in 2016 when I reopen. These cards are personally made grids, with their intention on the other side. Eventually they will be  deck if you collect them all.

Harmony Card 1

Harmony Grid 1 – Flower of Life

“I am equipped, protected and loved. Everything I need is inside of me and is my choice to harness.”

I also mentioned the etsy shop being closed. Yes, I had to close my etsy shop for a little while. Also for the first time in 2 years I couldn’t offer a Saturday auction on instagram. I’ve hinted at some things being out of balance with my health. It’s a huge part of where my business has headed under the butterfly wellness project. In a few days I am having surgery to remove a mystery mass in my breast. I’ve been suffering from recurring infections and hormonal issues/symptoms as a result of this mass and others. It will be removed, tested and I’m sure be just a blip on my radar of life but I need to take a break and heal.

I will keep you posted on how things go – I’ve tried push through the last year of issues but I truthfully am tired and need the energy and positive thinking more then ever. Thank you again for your support and love – happy new year, cheers to health.

Thank you all for supporting my journey and the business this holiday season. I sincerely appreciate it and hope to be back in full action come mid January with more surprises and I can begin to put these harmony cards into packages. I created a line of merchandise with these grids as well with the help of REDBUBBLE. This will help me continue to offer you some of my projects in the mean time with their team on top of these orders. Their quality is amazing – my friend Mallory from Wingostarr jewelry offers her meditations on redbubble too and I really enjoy the quality of these products. Happy New Year, I will keep you posted and sharing that goodness. XO

Love, Beth

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*The first two Harmony Cards Branded On Merchandise can be purchased if you click on the thumbnails below.

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