#HaveAHeart4Gwen Charity Auction – Round 1 – Handmade Artist Healing Lot – Bid Now!!!



AUCTION # 1 – CLICK HERE to View and Bid! 

Happy Winter Solstice!!!!!

Happy to have passed the gifting rush “hump” and move towards this big charity auction I’ve been hyping for the last month. So here is how it will work – I have collected AMAZING – AMAAAAAZING submissions from kind hearted businesses and artists for the sole purpose of auctioning them off so the proceeds can benefit Mrs. Gwendolyn Westlund – and her fund set up to offset the ongoing costs associated with her heart transplant and medical expenses for a decade of fighting to live. She fought cancer and beat it, but it cost her heart, lucky for her – she was able to get a new-to-her heart, not everyone receives that precious second lease on life before it’s too late. The aim of this auction is to drum up general awareness for that alone and also to generate a little boost for my fighter here, in the spirit of giving and receiving! These are great gifts for yourself or someone you love! Everything in these auctions have the same intention – to bring peace, comfort in your heart and healing.

To follow Gwen’s story – and support her ambassador work please follow her page


and if you want to cut the game out and donate directly to her fund here is her support page


Thank you so much! Happy Bidding and Good Luck! Help Me Make this First Rodeo Fly!

Closeups of the pieces and descriptions are in the listing copy! Click on the link!

Please Visit Their Shops and Take a Look!

BethKaya –  www.bethkaya.etsy.com 

Open Minded Smoke & Specialty – Toms River, NJ – Facebook/OpenMinded

Earth Designs By Christine – www.EarthDesignsByC.etsy.com

Dizgar X Designs – www.dizgarxdesigns.etsy.com

Zaraluna – www.zaraluna.com

Wingsostarr Jewelry – www.wingostarrjewelry.etsy.com 

J. Drew Silvers – www.jdrewcarpentry.etsy.com 

Emmy Eff Designs – www.emmyeffdesigns.etsy.com 

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  1. Josi Madera says:

    I’d like to donate. I am a friend of Bob’s, and became a friend of Gwen’s. I am a crochet artisan. I have a cute hat right now, and I will have Irish lace jewelry soon, too, that I can offer up. (I used to make and sell garments, but I am switching to veils/headpieces and jewelry/accessories made of Irish lace and gems.) At any rate, please feel free to contact me – josi@iamintheloop.com with info on how to contribute pieces, if wanted.

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