Headbands By BK


Artists are these cooky people who are secretly or not so secretly organized hoarders. Ask any artist. They have random collections of collections with large intentions. One of of my gifts is to see an ordinary object or an item thats be tossed aside and see something new. For years as sewing projects have come and gone – my big old honkin bag of fabric, lace and felt scraps grew to this enormous level. When I see an inflation of something in my studio I have to say to myself “Balance this out and use what you have.”

So with a little inspiration admittedly by a few dear friends having little baby girls, with SUCH CUTE hair accessories for them, I went to work. With a little glue gun action and some burnt thumbs I created some incredible little things like Rosettes, Daffodils, Lillys, Iris etc. Each little fabric rose is different, which to me is my total MO. You can’t even imagine how a print will look as a rosette. A dear friend and sewing maven (until breast cancer robbed her of complete mobility) kicked me down a bunch of scraps too! A pair of vintage star wars sheets easily became my most favorite of the rosettes. (great band name btw, The Rosettes…hmmm) You’d never even know the roses were made from star wars sheets either. That’s whats so wonderful to me about transformation and repurposing!

Late in the night I find myself starving sleep, arranging these little flowers onto grippy headbands. I’ve experimented with many headbands and still carry plain colored elastic bands for youth sizes but the grippy headbands are going to be the staple. They are AWESOME. They fit all sizes, adult and youth and also has this low key rubber grip weave that keeps the band and the hair in place! I wear mine to the gym and then out for cocktails! I sneak some pearls, lace flowers, ¬†little stamen and such to add sophistication and real art qualities to these very realistic and wearable pieces.

Not only am I comfortable at 28 rocking my own headbands, kids and even BABIES can wear them! Awesome for special occasions, picture day, photo shoots, the beach, you name it.

I think I will always make these, they are just so fun and functional. If you want one poke around in my shop or contact me direct! BethKaya@gmail.com

I love making custom things for special people. Most of the people who buy my work are in my circle. Meditating on their energy inspires me in new ways all the time. Thank you to all of you who support my art work! Its really a blessing to be able to help people through creative and purposeful adornment.

The headbands are a little time consuming so they range from 16-25 bucks depending on what you have going on with it. (I have simple ones I’ll be listing soon for 12 and below from my first hack at it.) Ostrich feathers and pearls obviously are a little bit of sassy luxury but to me and naturally, worth it.

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