Time for a check-in. Isn’t that what self care is about, Self Check-ins? It’s still hard to believe that it is 2019. 2018 was quite a wrecking ball, kind of like 2017 – they felt like one long year. Now here I am, in 2019 still writing ’17 thinking about the road behind and ahead. One of those day-off moods I guess.


Heartbreak. Do you know the feeling? When your heart seizes inside of your chest, you can’t breathe fully and it hurts. It pangs. Deep inside. I have felt that feeling so many times. I think we all get slapped with some levels of it throughout life. The magical question I like to think about is, “How did I handle the heartbreak? What did I do?” This part reminds of the many serums and methods used to get through the mud. Those things help me keep my graces now but also help me literally create things and envision the various products I carry. They are after all for support, for a bridge over troubled water.

You know?

I never quite was able to wrap my head around what my art was. Am I leaving behind what I came here to leave? How can I put it into a box and name it? You just can’t and you can never see that at first.  All you can do is your path. Over time it amounts to a bigger picture. Like tiny dots in one of those mosaic photos.

Winter is not over, not near over, and as I tend to do – I’ve been creating a lot. Releasing new things that speak to where I am, scents like Dragon’s Apple make me think about blood, opium, macintosh apple, green apple skins and spice. It’s coming out in spray first, then oils and soaps as I move along these months. Dead sea salt, mud and moringa leaf are always bassline runners for collections as they evolve and transmute into new or throw backs of older designs. Thousands of designs, some of which came from heartbreaks you’d never know about or some I wore right on my sleeve. Who am I kidding, I wear it all on my sleeve and on the internet. 😉  Re-releasing spray incarnations of Amber Beach, Faithful Grace and 4Thieves. I’ve also released a new anti aging beauty oil and plenty of candles and fragrance solids in hues like Honey Almond Citrus, Guava Papaya, Nag Champa and More.

Check into etsy and visit the store and see whats new. They are two different worlds. The store is more about various tools and showcases artists as well as my current works, but etsy is just about BethKaya the brand and special pieces I’m releasing. Stones, Orgones and the present seasonal collections.

I gotta get on the event planning train soon and post some new dates but I’m going to take a little break and hone in on some thoughts! Enjoy the thick of winter, wherever you are. In New Jersey, it’s…. long.


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