Historically this is a tough time of year for me emotionally. Almost 8 years ago I was in a fatal car crash that changed me forever. It was horrifying. When the black eyed Susan’s bloom in the yard I can’t escape the images that flood back to me and the mountain I had to climb as a person to come back from that tragedy. I never forget it – not for a single day. You can’t dismiss the dark side of life. You cannot ignore it, and shouldn’t. That’s a lie. Life is both light and dark. We are living a cycle. It’s great to live positive and I believe in that programming but the ugly shit – the shit that makes you suffer, the scars that scare you – that stuff is education you can’t buy and worth something huge. In this way I am grateful for all of my suffering. I am grateful for the tears coming down my face, and grateful to every monster who has ever scared or hurt me. Thank You. The value of love and life in my heart is different, my story is my testimony – I’ve earned my scars as badges of courage and fearful fearlessness. Keep pushing through the pain – it is serving your highest purpose even when it feels like it could claim you. ❤️


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