How Can I Help Nepal NOW?

A while back, I approached a long time former tape trading pal about writing for the blog to bring an air of adventure to my page for my readers. My friend Kevin is a scientist and lives in Alaska last I checked but his work has him traveling to all sorts of places you might not dare to. I wanted to share that with you. He agreed to do so – but as life gets in between everything you want to do for leisure, other things pop up. Here a few years later – I’ve received an email from him after lightly learning about his new relief endeavors abroad. I wish to share some insights to his work and projects that involve rebuilding sustainable infrastructures in these damaged parts of our world. Here are his words and if you would – follow these links he’s embedded for you. They will tell you more stories about individuals and campaigns at the SOURCE. My customers know this is vital to my business but also assuring that money, hard earned money – goes where it should when it comes to charitable giving. Our relief efforts here on the Jersey Shore with the GO HOME SANDY operation moved a few small mountains. The power of networking helps people all over the world rebuild their lives. We hope to continue to highlight Kevin’s efforts, peers and adventures as we ask that our supporters, support them too! Please read his email to me and visit the links underlined. Share and support! XOBK
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“Well, I am not a writer, but I have a story for you to tell if you were so inclined.  I know I told you about the Moringa. {A sustainable plant we spoke about for cosmetics}   But how much detail did I give you about our nonprofit organization?  So, obviously from my FB posts I am raising money for Nepal and Haiti.  Let me tell you exactly what we are doing.  A buddy, Jonathan Noggle, and I started up a nonprofit organization called 
We had an initial response to Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu.  That lead us to revisiting a concept that Noggle had for Haiti back in 2010.  We made a few phone calls, that lead to an impromptu visit to Haiti, all of which culminated in a partnership with the University of Notre Dame’s E2E Haiti Program.  There we are providing a much need training role for Construction Quality Assurance alongside E2E as they put together their redevelopment plan. We plan to have a Graduate Level Intern on the ground in Leogane Haiti for several months this summer.  More recently we were contacted by a group of Nepalese Diaspora made up of Engineers, IT Professionals, a CFO of a Construction Company and others, all with obvious local connections within Nepal in the same fields including government level officials.  They have asked us to put together a team to address the reconstruction issues they will face.  The destruction is widespread and help is needed everywhere, but the particular group of people we have fallen in with are connected to a place called the Tsum Valley.  This is a remote Himal valley with an indigenous population of about 4000 Tsumba people.  Two of the members of our team are from a village called Ripchet. 
Here is Ripchet prior to the quake:
 Inline image

This picture was taken several minutes after the quake:
 Inline image

Team members Rinzin Lama, Head of the Tsum Society Youth Club, and Sonam Lama, A professor in Kathmandu with a special degree in Emergency Architecture from Germany, both left yesterday for the long journey to their village for assessment and preparations due to the approaching Monsoon Season.  They both have crowd sourcing campaigns. 
The village of Ripchet is a day drive west of Kathmandu followed by five days of trekking/hiking when the trail was good.  The earthquake heavily damaged portions of the trail, hindering current relief efforts. 
Inline image

 There was an American Woman, Sandy Kyin, on a 3-week trek through the valley when the quake hit.  She happened to be in Ripchet.  Take some time to read her story.  She also has a GoFundMe campaign – Sandy Kyin
Under her her Update #2 to her campaign you see Good News #1 she discusses a group of professionsal.  WEare that group of professionals she is talking about and she also links to the other two groups I linked above.  We have been in communication with her since that update about needs and coordination.  Actually we had a skype call planned with her early this morning, but this most recent “aftershock” caused disruption of some communications so we postponed the call. We have talked to all of our other team members in Nepal and they are safe. In any event, that is where we are now.
What do you think?  Can you make this into a blog?  I am not a writer or a sales person or a very good self-promoter.  I need help getting this story out!!!  How can I get this story out so we can raise the money to help Tsum?  We need money to mobilize VSI and have an 
IndieGoGo campaign   for that purpose on our main website.  I am planning to go to Nepal in the next few weeks regardless and this is out of pocket, so please 
We have a long term 5-10 year plan to begin to train and import innovative techniques during the reconstruction.  Our time in Haiti has taught us the need for a long term, Sustainable, Local, Scalable model that can be passed on through education in order to prevent recurrence of these disasters.  As a start-up nonprofit we have zero funds other than personal and our 501c3 is pending.  We also need money for the three other groups we are currently working with on this project.  It will certainly be a team effort and as we get organized our missions will begin resource sharing on the ground in a part of the world that started with limited resources.  Let me know if you think you can help get our story out to people that can help us. 

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