“How do you burn resin incense?” – There’s a few ways but my favorite is indirect heat. Some people use a smoldering charcoal block but I like to use smoldering wood. Light your smudge (45 degree angle, ignite for a few seconds then blow out ). Complete your smudge ritual and then place this into your firesafe dish or shell and pour a few resin tears on top. This works with a good and smoldering smudge. *Always under direct watch and with the best intentions! 💫A few hand blended kits in the shop live, each come with a Palo stick and some handmade hemp-wick with a Tibetan Quartz point. Only 4 for now 💫 (BethKaya / etsy) 🌿🔮 #resininsence #smudge #dragonsblood #frankincense #myrrh #sacredspace * All of my wooden display pieces are by @Jdrewsilvers ✨💖 #intention #spiritscience


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