I have crafted over 50 fragrance oil blend recipes that are non toxic perfumes and are well loved by their tribe, I’m very proud of this and thankful for the support! Since completing my clinical aromatherapy training I am going to slowly release more topical essential oil based blends as I develop them safely and hone where they are practically applicable. ✨ Many of my perfume blends contain essential oils but these will just be #aromatherapy intended. ?This is the stargazer blend I’ve been talking about. ?It’s the scent that lines my Moringa products and has cosmic intentions. The citrus, cedar wood and Ylang Ylang tones together in harmony with Tibet Quartz & Rose Quartz spell out anti depressive, sensual, grounding, calming, channeling & tuning vibrations . This the first of this series is now live in my etsy shop and can be found in a roll on, the moringa soap or moringa scrub! #essentialoils #aromatherapy #chakricbalance #cosmos #stargazer #bybethkaya


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