I have some designer fragrance types in the shop – basically these are recreations from my trusted non toxic #fragrance supplier in likeness to the favorite fragrance versions that tend to cause vascular tripping (I.e. Headaches) I loved Miracle by Lancôme but just couldn’t hack the reaction. Some notes will always give you issues if you’re prone to them – leather tones for example, something about them. Anyway shoot me a message if you have this issue and are hoping for an alternative. Sometimes it doesn’t work out though every person is unique but most of the time I can get you into a fragrance you’ll cherish. Taking a #garden solar charge here of my personal oil along with one of my @hoodxhippie #orgone #pyramids, a rippin zeolite #specimen and a Rainbow fluorite Slab 😍 Almost Friday yall! 🔮👊


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