Is this @Jdrewsilvers booth or @bethkaya ‘s ? ☺️ I brought five of his pieces with me and a stack of his business cards for all of the inevidable “ohhh these displays are incredible” comments :) I love how complete his creations make my pop shops and I just really appreciate supporting indie business. It’s not at all the easier road – a lot of people think it is – but it’s an uphill climb and an unsteady one. The goal is to just make your own world and it’s tough. Major props to all of the indie entrepreneurs going for it, giving your unique all. It’s tough and the definition of “Labors of Love” – Great show tonight. Big love to the Murray Grove Retreat Center for having me once more! ❤️ #unity #indieunitedsummer #show #display #bethkaya #artist #indie #love #passion #stayathomemom


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