Little #crystalgrid action in the lemon thyme patch this am. This incredible point came to me by way of snail from the lovely Crystal goddess @zaralalaluna she also sent me some of these incredible gemstone cabachons! I had to break out some of mine and arrange a metatron grid. Did you know that the story of the metatron crosses several holy scriptures and is the all encompassing symbol of everything in the universe. I know sacred geometry is vogue but what do these symbols mean? Every thing in our existence is made up of 5 shapes, the Platonic solids. These shapes over lapping create the merkaba and by linear construction the #metatronscube in addition to this – if all points on the #seedoflife construction are connected, this too constructs the Metatrons cube. Think about that one. If you connect the points of the very shape of your formerly dividing embryo (the genesis pattern aka seed of life) you will create this shape which also represents every single thing in existence. Does that not blow your mind just a little? Tell me again how God doesn’t exist inside of every single one of us. Look into your own eyes and tell me you don’t see something that looks like the birth of a star!


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