Looking Back Via Building a LookBook


Putting together a look book that tells a story about where I am right now with my body of work.

Its QUITE a process and wont be ready for a while. I’ve been through thousands of pictures and folders on my various hard drives and such. Looking back over my work is such an eye opening exercise. My work has REALLY come very far in the last 15 years. While design school unlocked certain techniques and skill, nothing has impacted my work quite like travel, experience, time and nature.

Here are just a few clips I’m sharing from my digital crypts.


My old NYC Studio Jewelers Bench

One of my first Jewelry Setups about 15 years ago

Hustling a Street Fair in Fleetwood NY, 2005


Some of my VERY first jewelry pieces – a stack set
Hematite and Ocean Hues


Looking back I see a lot has changed, I’ve clearly changed but I also see the identity I didn’t know I had. Kind of like the yellow brick road bit, you have the power all along, you just didn’t KNOW you had it.


Sometimes you don’t know the power you have until you look back on the journey of discovering it.





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