Made a lot of soaps this weekend. These are #FaithfulGrace milk soaps with Himalayan salt. Trying to channel a lot of the anxiety I’m feeling into work. One of these anxieties is coming from messages I’m getting from followers and clients about other crafters ripping me off. People can be so messed up man. Following your every move, cherry picking your followers/clients from your feed, plucking my recipes and steez right from my shop and feed. When does it stop? Where does it end? If I block I’m shamed and called a ego bitch but if I don’t I’m handing away my business to people who frankly have no right to take shortcuts off my back and brain. What do you do? What’s your advice? Let it go? Smack your ego? Or protect yourself and the brand you’ve worked for 13 years to build? What do you do? Well this is a warning I guess and I know it will be seen, I def am going to Air on the side of blocking and not looking back. I’ve done everything I can to support, empower and enable other small businesses and crafters – within respectful lines, if you don’t respect me- you have to go, period.


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