Made these Hops & Guayusa Flower Bath Bombs last night – gotta make their labels and get them into the shop soon 🙏 but I was thinking – ☺️there are so many beautiful natural skin care makers out there and I would love to help promote your work. ⚡️If you are a small business starting out – and you would like your work featured on my feed or blog send me an email Subject : Promoter. I love using closer to earth products along with my own and would love to review your work and shoot some lovely photos and help expose your craft! I do require ingredient labels as I am super allergic to certain chemicals and botanicals and also that you send only what you do not expect back. Items will be featured within a two week period upon receipt – so I can have a chance to actually use the product and offer my honest feedback and photos. ❤️I just see so many beautiful soap makers and artisan skin care makers in my feed showing me love and I would love the chance to give some back! ✨Email is in my bio – feel free to etsy chat too! #skincare #holistic #productreviews #supportsmallbusiness #indieentrepreneur #promooffer ❤️


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