Made this beautiful Dead Sea Salt, Hawaiian Red Salt, Coconut Sugar, Hops, Mint, Lime & Coconut Scrub just for SOUPERGROOVE Music Festival! All packed up and ready to roll out!!! Souper Scrub!!! This Saturday’s auction will take place right from the concert field! Hope to see many of you there! Sending you all infinite amounts of love and support! Word up to my best girl @emmyeffdesigns who is getting friggen hitched in t minus 2 days!!!! 🎊🎉🎊🎇holy bananas!!!!!🔮Love you Bebe!!! Love ya’ll too! Happy Birthday @kimberster and @twilightdance !!!🔮Specialness alllllll ova! 🌞#bootyshakes #happiness #love #festivallife #crystalinfused


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