My baby is so sick again. Damn preschool. ?On my way to grab provisions. He has double ear infections. I’m going the antibiotic route because it’s in both ears and has fluid building (caused 99%hearing loss in myself when I was his age) im all ears for more tips please (he’s 4 but I still consider myself new!!)! Some tags of my gear if you tap and wanna see. This clutch is by @mal_wingostarrjewelry @redbubble with the herkimer electroformed ring too, the shirt is by @hexappealclothing my son is snuggling in the matching hoodie, leaf Opal and lab necklace is by @thisthatandthese and my cuff and Orgone heart necklace is by me ☺️?❤️ #swag #gear #sickbabyblues


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