Oh jeez … Some of these need to find some loving metalsmiths. ?Today was so busy and in between a lot of moving projects lately I’m shedding skin. I gave up bags of clothes, things I just don’t need anymore and am selling off old supplies. Apart from this I am on a health journey that I will be ready to talk more about soon. It’s been about 4 months of actively working on a health issue that sparked earlier in the summer. Happy to say that I feel amazing, am down 7lbs and am getting stronger and healthier every day. You can heal yourself, don’t let anyone say otherwise. It’s all about a gameplan with yourself and what you’re putting in, on and doing with your body. I’m still on the road to wellness but I see the light there you know to feeling complete and whole. Wellness is Wholeness and its a complete Lifestyle shift, physically and emotionally. Throwin’ gems like confetti ? just kiddin I need these hahaha ??


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