Ok folks – for the next 24 hours, my best selling Gemstone and Botanical Infused Fragrance #faithfulgrace and her companion #lilacgrace are on sale for the first and maybe only time ! Motherhood is a job built on grace and faith – also my mother’s favorite flower is lilac and they are in full bloom right now! I do THIS for my family- everything is for my little boy and his life. Both scents on sale $20.00 special (Regularly $26) for 1 full day only ❤️ Those of you regular wearers better re-up! The next three to be ordered will get a #faithfulgrace flower soap companion! Last chance to enter the huge artist loop a few photos back with 16 chances to win! I will announce my winner tonight on that photo. Also my Saturday auction closes tonight at 8pm est ❤️I hope you are all enjoying your day today!


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