On the road and setting up camp in my suite with the little man. He’s such a good travel friend. We miss papabear but it feels like home in here. These Peace of Mind candles are the best – my favorite scents are “Tree Hugger” and “Man Cave” and as far as I know you can only get them at Open Minded @omsmoke in Toms River NJ. Take a ride there if you’re a jz shore local or in town! Also loving how amazing my Gem Infused Vitality Spray completely lingers and dampens any energy or scent in this room prior to us entering. Vanilla Beach all day! Also carrying an energy vial for comfort and travel safety and wearing #Forever gem and botanical fragrance! Silas and I are wearing our matching vegan suede wrapped Quartz necklaces by @dizgarx_designs all week. Wolfpack! (thats what our friend B yells when we need to huddle up) Also hugging some pieces by @adrianasotojewelry @saveravenrose @mal_wingostarrjewelry @davidyurman ✨Tap✨ Sending prayers out to Nepal, Baltimore and my grieving friends right now. Love you can wait to see you.


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