Packing Up Lot 3- #HaveAHeart4Gwen ❤️taking a little pause before I launch the final round of this series of artist sponsored auctions to raise funds for a friend who beat up cancer and ended up needing a heart transplant (and countless open heart surgeries) – despite her energy level and the risks associated with her visiting with sick people – she does. Gwen is so inspirational to me would do what we’ve done for her, for others in a heartbeat (pun intended i guess) I’m waiting for the last pieces to come in and toying with the idea of making it a raffle that way everyone has a chance to give something small for a chance at something bigger. We’ll see – ebay was a big success (but they take some!) ❤️Look up hashtag #HaveAHeart4Gwen / visit / Facebook Giving For Gwendolyn ✨to take a look at what the heck Im talking about and enter the share contest (Instagram) to help spread the word and get a shot at a one of a kind orgone casting loaded with love, crystals and ❤️❤️❤️


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