Peace from this mornings office. My husband took some time off to help me take care of some urgent personal things I need to tend to over the next week and also to spend time together as a family. Last night we did putt putt and this morning we are beaching it before the baby naps and we gotta buckle down in the home office. Trying to cherish these moments. Anything can happen to anyone at any moment. Life is too short. Really loving this choker @coastaldreamer sent me. A simple pearl and leather. I got a matching bracelet too. I can tell these pieces will be my summer standard. I’d better Get used to a white line on my neck 🙈 did you know pearls are little irritants that make their way inside of the oyster? It litterally is a form of injury to the animal and as protection the oyster builds a layer of calcium nacre over the irritant whether it’s sand or debris. If the oyster has another medical condition, the color of the nacre is a affected giving us different pearl tones. I love the idea of scar tissue becoming part of our beauty. I try to think of all my scars as medallions to wear proudly like a strand of well earned pearls. Thank you Toni! earrings by @woodwearbyandrea ⚡️ Enjoy your Friday – don’t forget to enter the loop a few back! Regular Saturday auction tomorrow am too! Xoxo Bk 🌊


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Photo taken at: Mantoloking Beach

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