Reading tonight live and the channel has felt clear, vibrant and open so I offer you a single card. If this card finds you and you are called to it then by the principals of synchronicity it its for you. We are speaking to the energy that is surrounding. This is the queen of swords. She embodies a certain feminine energy. The feminine energy is often associated with emotional judgement. This is not so with the queen of swords. She represents an impartial air – she cares but she doesn’t react with empathy, which while noble can cloud balanced judgement. She reacts with logic and intellect. She analyses before she reacts and sometimes she doesn’t react as her reaction. This suggests that now is a time to root your emotions and ground your judgements on realistic and logical planes. Remove emotion and cut to the chase, execute without looking back and keep a firm presence that is clear in communication and concise with your thoughts. ❤️ In service to to spirit


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