Recent Orgone Cast. I’ve been experimenting with different mountings. This one is wrapped with gunmetal and hung on a super long vegan leather cord. I like these cords long for my pieces because I believe they should hang towards the center of your body. One of my goals with each piece is to make them all super unique, no two ever alike. One of the ways this is achieved is by using metals recycled from my jewelry or others. I also place crushed mica plate and broken glass (often discarded things, cleaned litter glass and such, even dishes ya’ll have sent too) there’s some flowers from my yard and always Quartz – but this piece has garnet and a selenite sticklet too. Each Orgonite is a specific signature energy pattern – it resonates just like a crystal does but on an ionic level because of the metal and compression that takes place when resin cures. They are little quiet helpers ❤️ calling to their homes! ✨Building a large body of work for the Soupergroove music festival Labor Day Weekend in NJ (👀lookout gonna share my official flier tonight!) and after the festival I’m gonna have a huge sale. 💎Sitting on a ton of stuff and I’m clearing house to narrow my focus going forward. 💥Might even need to do an ebay shop to handle it. 🌟Gems, metal, supplies, jewels, fabrics…. ✨🔥 🌊 flow and release 🙌🔮


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