Relationships Are Business Numero Uno


From my years of experience with my own business and with my work at Sony/IPC – the most important thing I’ve learned a business should be based on is GREAT relationships. If you don’t know your clients, how can you know what they need?

Part of developing marketing strategies and also products is knowing what your clients are looking for.

What is trending? What can’t they live without? What will you enjoy building ideas on?

This is the commonplace where sales and product development shakes a very important hand.

Your clients are the people who are inspired to act on what you do. If you aren’t tending to the flames of your client relationships, you aren’t tuning in! These are more than your clients, these are your friends who are bolstering what you do because they too believe in what you are doing.

Getting to know the people who appreciate what I do for them allows me not only to serve them further, but also chances are the person who’s needs I am filling, has something that can fill my needs. All relationships whether business or just personal are a two way street. Chances are these people can offer me something too if I take some time to make sure I meet their needs as a service provider and also as a friend.

Part of the reason I am bringing new blood in here as a writer and blogger is because I know I can’t meet everyone’s needs with the blog I hope to create. Having fresh voices will help round out the vision I know my clients are looking for!

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