#repost from soul sister @emmyeffdesigns of her beautiful face! (And stunning necklace she made!) I gotta take like a lil tiny percentage of credit for her glow 😂 she is one of my best skincare customers and she also wears my makeup! Rocking that tourmaline blush – which I don’t really heavily promote because I gotta be honest all this stuff I sell because I make it for myself lol. I went to college for jewels and gems! 🙈😂but truthfully don’t trust it unless I do it for myself. That’s the world we live in with major corporations, labeling laws and the tricks trying to fool you! Let me tell you straight up well formulated chemicals are no worse or better then natural ingredients. Toxicity has nothing to do with anything other then a dosage – remember that. The wrong leaf can poison a superstar. I am saying this because I have to dismantle the war on terms like “chemicals”. You’re a chemical, I’m a chemical, crystals and carrots are chemicals. There is hydrogen in the water! 😂I want a safe product – if it’s made in a lab under amazing standards with consideration to toxicity that’s what’s up. I spend so much time on the labeling, consulting and information transparency process and sometimes to my own damage with competition being what it is but it’s important to me to know what’s in it and is it healthy ? At what levels is something safe for me? That stuff is important! Better for you – bottom line. This all natural blush is a self shading blush, what I mean by that is the natural oxides will layer in tone depending on what intensity you want to wear it. Emily is rocking a lighter wash (I mean amazing cheekbones so …) I like a deeper red wash. There are synthetically grown (but completely natural and legit) tourmaline crystals in this blush as well as hibiscus and beets! ❤️ Thanks for reading my rant if you made it far enough! 🙈💋🌊👌#skincare #goddess #lifestyleart #holistic #closetoearth #blush #beautiful #livingart


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