Reshot, Rebranded, ReOpening


From my personal Facebook:

I reshot my entire etsy site in high def. Rebranded and am reopening 11/1. Worked in an entirely new medium to ad to a paired down collection of signature favorites and a few new seasonals. The Cove torch stays lit by the flame of BethKaya. I mustn’t forget that. For that I was offered a role as an influencer for Amazon. I will be curating my own Self Care Cove space on amazon for you to shop. It’s with products that I’ve hand picked provided by both amazon and third party sellers like myself but not myself. Honest products that I love, and ideas for your home, crafts, gifts, garden and more. When you shop my curated Amazon space it will help support my fam and lift me up further as an online influencer. Stay tuned for that rollout! The SCC FB page cruised 10K subscribers, and BK insta continues to sit at 25K+ but declines with changes over the years and needs this push. You guys are the best soundboard and support, I have built my business online first.

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