Rings N Things


Oh just milling about with various different things. Obsessed with making rings since I have had little time to really turn out a well thought out project. I can finish a ring in 2 minutes! It’s kind of interesting. Went to a giant sleepover party with some awesome ladies a few months back and decided I would make a ring for everyone in the house. Like a balloon animal! It was a gas and we all had these amazing little pieces of jewelry in common but specific to ourselves as I let each gal pick out their center stone.

Having a 2 year old is an amazing ride – it’s a fast one. We played easter bunny for the first time and he plowed through that basket enjoying each surprise, not even knowing fully what each item was. He just marveled that each of these colorful things was just for him. He ooooooooh’d and thissssssssssss’d. Good stuff. The Crocus’ are springing up, so we are getting the gardening beds ready for the big plant. My seedlings caught a fungus this year and are tanking one by one. Just goes to show you sometimes, no matter how hard you work on something, or how many hours, some things simply don’t work out. Any how not much else to report which since Sandy is a good good thing. Enjoy your spring!

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