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When a good friend reccomended that I check out an online learning collective – I took a quick shake of a look and dismissed the venue like many other venues of online learning that have so been recommended by many a friend. I did some how manage to subscribe to their mailing list and after a few months an email landed in my vision path entitlted “Sacred Geometry…”. I’ve always been really curious about it, and have long admired legendary works of Alex Gray – but really, I had no clue WHAT sacred geometry really was. After some consideration and husband campaigning I signed up for the 6 week, online interactive.

The first sunday I set myself up in my serene bedroom. The husband and child were outside in the garden – the birds were chattering away in the background. I went to college at FIT – and we were beginning to get into online education tools but I’ve never been to class online before. Little did I know that regardless of what the lecture was about – I decided to open the channel for new waves of thinking.  The lecture covered basic principals – the root 5 rectangle and some sacred geographic spots – but really what the course served is a spark to my own quest for more knowledge. What very serious systems of the universe, ourselves, life and consciousness am I MISSING?

To be honest – things had been really tough since Hurricane Sandy. I like many other people here at the Jersey Shore have been really unsettled and curious. Everything has suffered as a result of this new terrain and my inability to adapt to life now, in my home, my marriage, my inner conflicts.

No kidding right? Hurricane Sandy was a perfect Fibonacci Sequence.

What’s that you ask?

Well – the answer lies in sacred geometry.

I can’t explain light years of information in one little vapid hole in digital space and time – but what I can ask you to do is seek for yourself.

Over the course of the next 5 Sundays I learned about sacred resonances, ancient abandoned systems of measurement that are completely accurate in today’s world, how to do sacred constructions (constructions that civilizations hundreds of thousands of years ago were doing) and I learned how with a simple ratio – the order of life, the world and the universe is explained and decoded.

Heavy shit right?

You bet it is! My mind literally turns inside of itself when I practice sacred geometry to ruminate on the possibility of an actual explanation to everything, EVERYTHING as we know it. Is that not exciting to you? The promise of something you can actually wrap your head completely around – if you are a math person or not.

The other part of this that I have to mention – and also why things aren’t rapidly appearing in my shop like they used to.

I’m taking time out – as displayed by this to work on myself, before I can feel clear to offer my work to you.

What I mean by that is – I want to be working for a sacred purpose and I want to make sure I know what that purpose is. It’s been communicated to me and also just witnessed that everyone seems to have this hustle. My work is not about a hustle and as it becomes one I become less engaged with it. So honoring this mission in the last 7 months I’ve taken a few vows –

to work on others, through working on myself,

to honor my past and clear any cobwebs preventing me from what I truly want

and to reconnect with my purpose, my family and NATURE.

Here is the part of the blog where I shout out – and I tend to do that because I do not believe much growth is achieved alone.

There are PEOPLE behind my life that are helping to mold me into my sacred work and purpose.

This time I’m going to mention just 2 but I have a few more waiting in the wings for the next go at “blog”.

Lisa Fogarty Kasczynski- I have a whole blog dedicated to her and the GORUCK Experience – but I need to express how much her mentorship has meant to me with my fitness quest over the last 6 months. She gets it done – bottom line with a great big thousand kilowatt smile. If she can convince me pushing a couch up 2 flights of stairs and making mud angels on NYC soil while being crowd surfed on is a good time, I got gotta hand it to her. More on this later…

Brett Joseph – This guy has popped in and out of my life, almost like an roadsign. He practices an ancient form of astrology mixed with several time honored modalities to help you get some perspective and further intuition of the purpose in your tasks and events. Like usual he stepped back into my life where I expertly needed him and I cannot express enough to anyone looking for some road signs to reach out to him for this. His services are well worth the money and hell, cheaper than therapy with much much more to gain. Ideas, Strategies, Songs Stuck in your head – reach out and get your chart done, serious game changer there –

OK so Sacred Living – thats it more yoga, more nature, more VILLAGE and more FAMILY. Excited always about the journey, it is such a journey.

Here are some constructions I did in the wee hours of the night, snuggling with my compass –

Seed Of Life

Seed Of Life

Flower Of Life

Flower Of Life




Metatron’s Cube

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