Sharing this graphic because I’m finishing this book #TheFourAgreements and it’s really resonated with me. Many people suggested I read it and now I am telling you to. There are so many elements I believe in wholly and needed the reminder and new perspective. In this business just like every part of society there’s a personal pretension we are living out as social media mavens integrating this into our living ethics and activities. Many people make assumptions and speak poison with their words every, single, day. Hell lives on earth inside of the person who uses their words to poison. Heavenly happiness belongs to those who use their words impeccably, those who make the choice not to be offended by the poison of others and not to assume anything about anyone’s life or reality that is not your own. Heaven lives in all of us, that is Christ Consciousness, the Devil is inside of you too. You make the choice, every day.


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