Sharing this historical photo of a #sacredplace. This is the #blackrockmill – My child hood friends will recognize it perhaps. This photo is from 1908 of a mystery woman posing in front of the mill 12 years prior to its operational close in 1920 due to flooding. This mill is along Seneca creek and flows to the back roads to Washington DC. I grew up in a town that was established and meant to be kept a rural corridor city to the nations capital. Strict development restrictions kept Germantown primarily farmland for a long time until developers flashed that cash. When the farms disappeared, I did too. This mill still stands and is proudly watching over kids swimming in the creek on hot days. My parents shot their band photos on the mill wheel when I was a child and my friends and I would explore the surrounding trails and shacks on little adventures. This special spot will always be a place I’ll come home to and carries very high spiritual resonances for me. Do you have a special sacred spot? Tell me about it! Tag me in a photo of you wish! ❤️#maryland #history


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