Some goodies coming into the shop and going out. In my hands is are some of my energy vials (or totems – they stand) and their intent is to break and stay addiction free. #Amethyst the all soother is said to aide in sobriety and purity. Mixed with rubbed sage, cut patchouli and lavender at the tip – for smelling in moments of weakness. A couple of minis with the same intent on this #vintage tray. Love vintage trays. Sweet lemon parade perfume sprays, healing soaks, Aphrodesia gem and floral intent blends, seed of life #orgone and aura necklace (wooden talisman by @woodwearbyandrea ), orgone lens going out and thank the dear great spirit for these hair bands @rivergypsytx sent me! You guys have no idea I had no hair ties. I don’t know where they go and was attempting to rock banana clips in desperation. (Who doesn’t love a unicorn mane though?)


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