Sometimes by the power of gravity, The matrix – The battle of heart and greed….Talent and mockery, There’s a great wave – an equalizer when the cosmos align just right. All sense of competition- Yearning for validation, Goes completely away- And we are all once again on the same front line, facing the same set of issues and demands. Awake or asleep to the big mysteries, open or closed to the possibility that you can participate in your own sacred path. Grammar and punctuation aside- Who is writing the rules on your healing journey? Who is writing the rules on your truth? You? Freedom is multifaceted. Healing is multifaceted. Art has no boundaries unless you impose them and healing was never meant to be kept a secret. ⚡️????⚡️ #lettinggo #transformation #crystals #crystalhealing #orgone #biglessons #lifesmysteries #fellowship #freedom Photo of my printer box of crystals by @autumnsunoriginals and box by @Jdrewsilvers


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