Sometimes I don’t know what to say anymore when others think they can walk all over you. I used to say sorry so much. Over nothing, over feeling honest feelings, over things I didn’t do. I used to see it as a weakness but now I realize it was misdirected compassion. I am compassionate towards someone who hurts, even if they’ve hurt me but I am not going to apologize to anyone anymore unless it’s really something I deserve to be sorry for. I’m tired of people taking advantage of me and I’ve made a goal to stand up for myself. To be a self advocate is something you must do in your life or you will experience never ending pain and suffering at the hands of others. I promised myself after so many hurts, and a rare collection of betrayals – I wouldn’t ever lay down and allow anyone to use or abuse me and I certainly am not going to apologize to those people even if I do feel compassion towards their cruelty. I am a person with a living breathing right to think for myself and be myself. Please don’t steal my photos and share them as yours without proper photo credits. Please don’t promote yourself in my feed unless we are collaborating and please don’t think you are permitted to profit off of my intellectual property. It’s a felony. I’m tired of this abuse. It’s abuse.


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