Wording It Out In the New Year


2014 is about to get even wordier.

As I am sure you’ve noticed if you’re following me on Social Media – Things are getting pretty wordy with my jewelry as well as my Tarot practice. For the first time this blog will begin to feature the voices of some of my dearest peers and mentors.

>I am totally awesome because I keep even BETTER company.<
So here’s the deal – stay tuned as I start to roll out the 2014 Cast of BethKaya Design and Consulting. Be prepared for more art, fashion, business and spirit talk wrapped up in real information for the dream chaser in you. For the person kicking around an idea, a goal or a talent they want to get a grip on and aim it at the world. This blogs for you!

A person can easily eliminate any fear of competition if you focus on making your voice unique while appealing to the higher waves of trend. Everyone has the same ¬†chance to make art or design things you enjoy as well as sell those items. This blog is also simply to help put designs skills to use spiritually, stylistically and on the homefront. It’s one thing to make things, it’s another to sell them or actually want them out on display in your own home!

If you’re reading this and you’re saying to yourself, “I have a voice and I want to use it” – Message me. Let’s put it to use. BETHKAYA is a label for MAVERICKS! Let’s light this blog on FIRE with Information, Spirit, Radical Ideas in Design, Art, Fashion and Homelife!

Very excited!

Blessings –


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