Stayed up till 5 am like a madwoman just lost in my studio creating, labeling, packaging and whatever else! 🙈 New things coming soon! Created these two in one soaps in coconut layer and vanilla beach later which together makes my scent #Surfside – These double layer soaps are a signature style for those who love both of these soaps and need them together in harmony! Also my #Tulsi soaps and salt bathing treatments are back in stock! All three of my Saturday auctions close tomorrow! Don’t forget about the #indieunitedsummer group promotion on with promos from 30 other artists! Also my #bethkaya15k giveaway is getting closer! Share the graphic under that hashtag to enter to win that amazing 43 piece Crystal #parcel! Lastly poetry slam giveaway #soulspiritgiveaway is still going on – Share that graphic and tell us what connects you to your divine energy. ✨ Sorry for the info barf but lots of fun things going down! Support indie art! #art #design #passion #joy #skincare #holistic #natural #crystalinfused #bybethkaya


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