Stocking up for #Soupergroove!!! Everyone needs some Castile soap at a multi day festival! Did you know I can scent a Castile, coconut or African black soap in like 300 scents or something positively ridiculous? Message me on etsy! I live to customize! XOBK oh and come see me at Soupergroove this Labor Day weekend in Freehold NJ – full on dream team in effect!!! Super excited! Curating a Space Lounge at night with Crystals and Mood Lights! I noticed last year my booth became a hub for awakened conversation and calming vibes – better then ever this year! Super stoked to have tour veteran @autumnsunoriginals on the team!!!! She’s amazing check out her beautiful creations! ❤️🌿💎✨🌊💋⚡️🔮


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