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Intention Setting Through Gemstones, Natural Beauty and Perfumes



Taking back the blog after dedicating it to the charity fundraiser we did for “Giving for Gwendolyn”. This has been an incredible year of transformation and growth for me as a person, spiritualist and artist. Collaborating with other artists and making new friends has been incredible. The new circles of energy I find myself thriving among has awakened certain sensibilities about my work that I had moved away from. When I moved into my first apartment I was 17. I had a full time job and budding career already. It was at this time that I visited a farm that was locally producing natural body products and goods – Terra Essentials. I walked through the shop and was accosted by the owner. She started to introduce me to her line and asked me some questions about the products I was currently using in my shower and home. She started to shoot some very serious holes in those products identifying the toxins I was unknowingly exposing myself to. Nuerotoxins, Carcinogens, Petro Chemicals and More – All of which were making their way down my drains and into water sources. No Bueno. After this visit I went home and took a look around my home and realized I had a big, costly problem. Most of the products I was using came from the dollar store. There is nothing, virtually nothing good for you or your body from the dollar store. That was a problem. I was on a fierce budget.

Post Pardom Floral Sitz Bath Making its way to a special lady about to pop and a few extras I prepared about to hit the etsy shop ❤️mama comes first ❤️

So that’s when my journey to create “better-for-me” bath and body goods began. I began with buying basic raw ingredients and replacing things one by one. I used recipes from websites, and trusted sources for cleaning product that actually did the job better then the toxic products I was using from the dollar store. A little orange peel, vinegar and lavender essential oils goes the distance when brewed right!

A few years into these practices my tried and true recipes began to emerge. They are recipes I took with me to NYC and sort of fell into just a personal hobby instead of anything I thought to offer to my current Jewelry customers.

I have always had a profound connection to ancient culture and gemstones. I’m not sure why, but it’s something I remember being totally engrossed in while I was young with a side interest in space. At one point I remember wanting to be an archaeologist, a gemologist and an astronaut all at once when I grew up. Somehow, despite being none of those things now, I don’t feel as though I fell to terribly far from that path. In fact, I was intention setting and didn’t even realize it!

After leaving the corporate marketing world post the birth of my son – I thought it was high time I invested myself into my jewelry full time. It had always been a sidebar goal, something the career lent the means to the ends for but since I left that behind I wanted to emerge with the design skillet I’d honed for the last decade and studied in college. Jewelry is among the oldest forms of adornment and display status. Gemstones, fit right in there equally and with perfection. It seemed like my path was on. What I didn’t realize was that while I had been on a path I was SO SURE about, the real path came into development and it’s much more then jewelry.

Photo By BethKaya Brand Designer Shelli Martinez, Capital Society

Sacred Salt Bath Soak, Sea Clay Hemp Soap, Gemstone and Botanical Infused Roll On Perfumes*

I started developing perfumes along the road here for myself in addition to the natural products I was making to use in my home. With a large organic garden and growing experience with essential oils and tinctures, it seemed like a natural progression for my “better-for-me” journey. Most commercial perfumes and scented products, I cannot tolerate anymore. Headaches, Skin Reactions and the like are not things I will compromise on for beauty. Working with a close chemist friend of mine – the perfume formulas took almost 2 years to get perfect. Now, paired with gemstones, our botanical elements and blended with intent, they have pushed themselves into the forefront of my design work because they are loved dearly but those who wear them.

So here I am now, experiencing this major revolution once again. The products I use for myself, for beauty and sacred spirit are available to you in small batches and infused with gemstone energy, botanical essences and the purest of intentions.

Best Selling Scent, "Faithful Grace"

Best Selling Scent, “Faithful Grace”

My jewelry work is going to take a back seat to the center stage here. I will still be doing custom engraved works and custom energy pieces and will always. I believe in wearing mantras and special tokens but going forward, I want to devote my body of work to the spiritual journey I have been on for a long time. I want to showcase the powers of intuition and creativity “BethKaya” possess and offer the highest quality goods and spiritual services to you in service to the great spirit and the light.  I proudly am a newly ordained “priestess” and have been discovering new ways to integrate spiritual living, ceremonial rituals and gem energy into every day life thus giving way to the tag line:

“Spirited and Holistic Gemstone & Botanical Infused Works and Services From The Heart”

What is setting intent?

Intention setting is Meditating or Channeling a spirit guide, or asking your higher self and guides for specific things and sourcing vibrational energy to support that goal! Try it!

Loose Sacred Smudge Mix

Loose Sacred Smudge Mix

Enjoy the heat of winter! Reflect, Journal, Create and Set Intent!



*Photo By BethKaya Brand Designer Shelli Martinez, Capital Society (Click)


#HaveAHeart4Gwen Charity Auction – Round 2 – Handmade Artist Healing Lot – Bid Now!!!




#HaveAHeart4Gwen Auction Lot #2:

Happy Boxing Day! Time for Round two of our auction lots! At LEAST 2 more coming – Don’t forget about auction Lot 1 – Still six more days and bidding is still low! Info in the blog post before this one!

The winner of this auction lot will receive the following items hand made and donated by:

 * “Bed of Roses” Long Burning Scented Container Candle – Donated By Open Minded Specialty Shop in Toms River @omsmoke

*Series of 7 “Love Rocks” Hand Painted, with Keepsake Box – By @ElleSendingOutLove


* “Follow Your Heart” Necklace with Faceted Rose Quartz on Dramatic Length Bronze Chain By @Mal_WingostarrJewelry


* Two Stacking Gemstone Nugget Bracelets – Rose Quartz and Amethyst Handmade By @emmyeffdesigns


* Polished Rose Quartz Bracelet  Handmade by @Dizgarx_Designs


From @BethKaya :


* 2 Fragrances – “Cleopatra” (A Sweet Toned Unisex Musk) & “Dutch Daydream” (Tulip and Daffofil) Gem and Botanical Fragrances  –

* 7 Tumbled Chakra Centric Gemstones – Jasper, Agate, Carnelian, Aventurine, Lapis, Amethyst, Lace Agate From

* UV Reactive – Silver Plated Glass Heart Stardust Necklace  on 17″ Box Chain

* Orgone Puck – With Mixed Crystals and Copper Wrapped Tibetan Quartz

This series of charity auctions is to raise awareness and support for organ donation as well as to cancer survivor and heart recipient Gwendolyn Westlund.

All of the proceeds after shipping will go towards her fund. Please read more about her courageous story as well as her own efforts to bring cheer and hope into the lives of others.

To follow Gwen’s story – and support her ambassador work please follow her page


and if you want to cut the game out and donate directly to her fund here is her support page


Thank you so much! Happy Bidding and Good Luck! Help Me Make this First Rodeo Fly!

Closeups of the pieces and descriptions are in the listing copy! Click on the link!

Please Visit Their Shops and Take a Look!

****If you would like to make a lump sum donation in the amount of $150.00 for this item – you can override the auction by messaging me that you would like to make the donation and I will set up a”buy it now” option for you to take it home. Your entire donation will be forwarded to the Giving for Gwendolyn fund!  Best of Luck!

Auction winner will receive EVERY item in the photos.

There are more auctions coming with more artists so stay tuned.

Thank you for your support!

Give someone a second chance at life!

Blessings – Beth


This Auction Lot Was Sponsored By Artists:

Please Visit Their Shops:


Open Minded Smoke & Specialty – Toms River, NJ

Dizgar X Designs

Elle Sending Out Love

Wingsostarr Jewelry

Emmy Eff Designs

Gifting Guides Alla Etsy – Hot Gifts and Treats for the Holidays On Etsy!

Photo Credit - Handmadeology.com

Photo Credit – Handmadeology.com

Etsy is more then where I host the goods I am hustling – its a social media platform with a LOT of flair. Part of that flair is the opportunity to host or curate little exhibits if you will – called “treasuries” that feature etsy products in a theme. Whether they are just wishlists or items in the key of purple – they are little collections of handmade goodies means to delight and awe almost like a museum showcase would! I find myself getting lost in the art of treasury making myself – so here are a few of my recent treasuries to help you out for the holidays!



Perfect Stocking Stuffers

Gifts for Him

Holiday Yummies

For the Jet Setter

Frozen Mania 

Vintage Trays for Days

Chakra Party 

Equal Love – Custom Engagement Rings

First Set of Engagement Rings Ever! For a Beautiful Same Sex Couple! #Pride

First Set of Engagement Rings Ever! For a Beautiful Same Sex Couple! #Pride



You heard right! There is a spring sale in the BethKaya Boutique! Markdowns on everything to make way for the Summer Collection! Lots of hot things in the works! Also referrals get you FREE SHIPPING – make sure you tell whoever you send to us, who sent you!

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I can’t say it enough



Beth here – weekly check in – loving the pieces that my peers are serving up for you. Just offering a dose of visual inspiration yet again!

‘Top 5 Bands’ By: Introducing Elizabeth Echeverri


 Editors Note: 

Please welcome Elizabeth to the crew of BKDC contributors! Here is her biography as well as her first piece on Top 5 Bands with a focus on EDM (Electronic Dance Music). Hope you all enjoy your week as well as Liz’s first post! -Kelly Hecht (Chief Editor at BKDC)

Meet Elizabeth:

Elizabeth Echeverri –  Student, Writer 

My name is Elizabeth, Liz whichever is quickest. I’m from a town west of Washington DC, Frederick, Maryland. I am a recent graduate from Frederick Community College with an Associates Degree, hopefully University of Maryland bound this fall as a journalism major. I write in my free time, for FCC’s online paper, The Commuter and also run a blog.I’m a girl, from a small town with big dreams; that brunette who wears mostly black with a nose piercing and combat boots, who all the old ladies stare and judge because I have ‘gaping holes’ in my ears. I love to write with music in the background which puts me in a good mood and have hopes of appearing on CNN as a political analyst or a correspondent/journalist for TIME. When not writing, I’m looking for the next show I can attend. I’m not your average 22 year old so, get ready world.”


Adventure Club


These two handsome men may have a seemingly “goofy” name, but this Canadian duo defines what bass is. Bursting their way through the EDM scene, Leighton James and Christian Srigley met in high school when they were performing in a hardcore pop-punk bank. Shortly after, they moved on to electronic dance music. (Fun fact: Christian Srigley used to play in Hoobastank!) Their combination of past, hardcore music experience with influences such as Tiesto, Flux Pavilion, Skrillex, and even Bring Me the Horizon are all to thank for the music they now produce; dub-step, electro-house, and drum-step; most famously known for including high-pitched female vocals, electronic sounds, and heavy drops. Their fame took a turn when they remixed and produced a music video for “Everything to Me” by LIPS and reached a record two million views on UKF Dubstep’s YouTube Channel, you can’t help but find yourself blasting their music. Dub-step is not for everyone, but if you are in the EDM world, you know who Adventure Club is. You know all of their songs, including their remix for “Crave You” by Flight Facilities and “Lullabies” by Yuna. Early on in their career, they even collaborated with Krewella. Their EP Superheroes Anonymous Pt. 1 is now available for download.

Porter Robinson


If anyone knows how to throw a party, it is Porter Robinson. Born and still currently residing in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Porter began producing at the age of twelve. At twenty one he’s already performed at large music festivals such as Ultra Music Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival, and Coachella. He also performed along side Tiesto, Skrillex, and Deadmau5. Robinson is most famously known for performing and being close friends with Russian-German electronic music producer Zedd. In 2011, Porter’s single “Say My Name” reached number one on Beatport. He then released his first EP Spitfire on Skrillex’s label, OWSLA. His single, Language was released in 2010 which hit number one on Beatport. A couple of years later, he would collaborate with Mat Zo for their hit single, Easy. Not only was he voted number forty on DJ Mag’s Top 100 in 2012, but was the highest climbing DJ, he was number ninety six in 2011. If anyone knows what the true meaning of EDM is, it is Porter. With his new album coming out, he has promised fans that he will no longer be doing live, mixed sets but will be performing only his music. He has leaked a song from new upcoming album, Worlds entitled “Sea of Voices.” Fans are saying that the song defines what EDM and that is what Porter Robinson will deliver with his upcoming album.

Above & Beyond


One word to describe Above & Beyond is ‘connection’. Based out of London, these three take trance and EDM to a different level. They do this through communication with their audiences by projecting messages on the screen (i.e. ‘Who’s ready for some Group Therapy?’ and ‘You all look lovely tonight.’)  Their album, Group Therapy; consists of songs of loves lost, confused and found. Featured on there: “Thing Called Love”, “You Got to Go”, and one of the more popular ones, “Sun and Moon.” Above & Beyond recently released their acoustic album called “Above & Beyond Acoustic.” This album proves that not only are they just DJ s and producers, they are songwriters and artists. It includes a beautiful mix between the two songs “Satellite” and “Stealing Time” from their Tri State album. Above & Beyond is like your best friend; always there for you when you need them the most, during good times and bad and is all about following your dreams, never forgetting about a thing called love, and taking advantages of small moments.                                 

Armin van Buuren


A Dutch native with a law degree, Armin van Buuren is the world’s number one DJ. He has been active for nearly twenty years now and has been voted number one by DJMag in 2007-2010 & 2012. Avid fans have labeled him, “The King of Trance.” His radio show, A State of Trance, has twenty million listeners tuning in every week. He has been nominated for his new single, “This is What it Feels Like” off his new album ‘Intense’ which makes him the 4th trance artist ever to receive this honor. Armin is all about people in a State of Trance through his versatility of ranging from uplifting to progressive; At his shows you will see him smiling while performing and the look on his face only proves his love and dedication for the past twenty years. 

Ilan Bluestone


A young man from London who has been making waves in the past year in music. Discovering his love for music at an early age, Bluestone was able to teach himself how to play the guitar and keyboard. The result, the “progressive” sounds in which he makes. He has released two singles on ‘Above & Beyond’s’ record label, Ajunabeats and since then has been receiving a tremendous amount of support. Inspired by the trance group, he is almost always featured in their DJ set, including a weekly radio show, ‘Group Therapy Radio’.  He has been releasing single after single including most recent, “Big Ben” under Anjunabeats label. His other singles include “Under My Skin” featuring Jerom Isma-Ae, “Spheres”, and “Elysian”. He also done several remixes including “Goodbye Future” by The Presets, “Lakota” by CE3SAR, and Mat Zo’s “Lucid Dreams”. His music already wants to make you jump up and dance, but like trance is suppose to do, brings you a euphoric feeling. Although this is progressive, we are just getting a taste of Ilan Bluestone. 

Highlights from New York Fall Fashion Week 2014


“Design is a constant challenge to balance comfort with luxe , the practical with the desirable”

-Donna Karan

Even though we are a few seasons ahead the fashion world moves fast and is already thinking about sweaters, holiday dresses, wool skirts and jackets. New York Fall Fashion Week took place in February and designers showed up with their A game, keeping in mind Pantones color palate for Fall, 2014. Just like the Spring the color report is guide or road map to shade and tones we will be seeing this fall in department stores around the country. This is just a small taste of the highlights from fashion week, a preview of designer wear and as we get closer to the fall I will put out a piece on the actual Pantone colors in stores. For now enjoy a sneak peek of whats to come for the Autumn season in color. Enjoy! -Kel

From Karolyn Pho’s fall collection staying in Pantones Bright Colbat Blue color mixed with a bold leather pant

Anna Sui’s 2014 collection in a Cypress Green

From the Ralph Lauren show Mauve Mist

Badgley Mischka in Cognac

A splash of Misted Yellow at Trina Turk

Aurora Red appears at the always fun Betsey Johnson show

and also at the Jenny Packham show

Carolina Herrera dress in a Royal Blue

Sangria showing up at the Tommy Hilfiger show and Zac Posen

Aluminum appears at Diane Von Furstenberg



Mixing Patterns, Men and Women


“I don’t consider my own clothing to be outrageous… The truth is that people just don’t have the same references that I do. To me it’s very beautiful and it’s art, and to them it’s outrageous and crazy” – Lady Gaga

In the past people followed fashion rules or guidelines but like everything, style has evolved and a common trend popping up is the mixture of patterns that would not normally ever been paired in the same outfit. This is a great technique if you are in need of an update to your clothing but do not have the budget to buy a bunch of new pieces. I stick with one rule when mixing and matching, keep the colors alike if you are going to clash the pattern. Keeping the same palate is appealing to the eye and will make your outfit look put together instead of a ‘hot mess’. Here are a few examples for women and men mixing and matching clothing. Enjoy, -Kelly

Stripes and Floral are a common mix, keeping the red in both patterns matching makes this outfit pop.

Another example, the gray in both pants and shirt make this one.

Different patterns of floral with the same pink color.

The black and white color combination is perfect for this spring look. 

Great every figure!

Mixing of different sized polka dots with layering. I think this is the easiest one to try and experiment with.

A scarf is a great way to start mixing patterns. Its a piece that can be used for a pop of color and pattern

I love this look, a touch of dalmatian spot and a bold colorful stripe.

A Perfect work outfit.

With men it’s a subtle mix. This jacket is the perfect way to start for men, a piece that can be removed.

A good reference for trying to mix stripe on stripe for work- shirts and ties.

This look is for the bold dresser, ambitious for any guy.

Staying in classic colors that match work the best.

Love the polka dot shirt and a plaid tie. Good for casual or work.

Stylewatch Feature – Lupita Nyong’o


   Hi All! I wanted to start a style-watch post every month where I will be featuring someone in entertainment and/or a fellow blogger that is killing it on the red carpet or online, on their blog. The first person I chose is Yale graduate, Lupita Nyong’o. ‘Well spoken, educated, graceful and classy’ are a few words that the media is using to describe a woman that is changing the face of what America perceives as beautiful.

Born in Mexico City, Mexico and raised in Kenya and now living in Brooklyn she has been spotted out and about everywhere. She is up for an Oscar for her portrayal of Patsy in Steve McQueen’s ’12 Years of Slave’ but in case you missed any of her recent dresses/outfits please take a look, she has been on Harpers Bazaar’s Derek Blasberg’s Best Dressed List since Autumn 2013 for a damn good reason.

Enjoy! -Kel

 At the L.A. Film Critics Association Awards

At the SAG awards

 Leaving the CAA Golden Globes Award Party

At 2014 Palm Springs International Film Festival

 At the AFI Awards

 At the Critic’s Choice Awards

 At the Golden Globe Awards

Now the only question left is: what will Lupita wear on tonight at the Oscar awards and will she win? Tune in to find out !