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Beautiful photo from @krys7 of the signature perfume she won from one of the loops I did this month! So lovely – thank you for sharing and also for the cute card! I ❤️ snail mail! I also ❤️ your shares and have posted a bunch of them on the blog again!!! If you are tagged in this photo check out BethKaya.com for your feature! Your reviews, feedback and shares inspire others to believe in me and I appreciate that so much. Thank you. #gratitude #customerappreciation #loyalty #grassrootsmarketing #shoutout #blog #fashion #style #joy #art #love #happythings


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Indian Summer


Forever Bloom

Cherishing the warmer days as we cringe into the colder months. The flowers around here are still blooming and the tomatoes are winding down. Harvesting the last of the ripest petals and preserving them for my work. Continuing experimentation with Orgone device making out of my flowers, recycled metals from myself and some of my jewelry friends along with gemstone blessings. They are coming out really unique but resin is tough stuff, for me at least.

Continuing forward with my perfumes. I am just dizzy in love with this venture. Others are too, which is both wonderful and a little scary dually. I am seeing a lot of other designers pick this concept up to my dismay. I have to just be positive and hope that my unique and original light shines through this. I did a lot of research before I registered the copyrights for this presentation – Gems and Botanicals paired with Fragrance in a Roll On bottle. I was the first to do it – in this format. So here we are half a year from the official roll out (Despite releasing trials for the last two years) and now I am seeing them crop up everywhere. I suppose imitation is flattery? *sigh*

Here’s the master note list:


Copyright Protected Yo!

The one true thing that we do have in our corner is that copyright, first in line trademarking and my wonderful nose.

The Nose KNOWS! No one can take my special senses from me that allow me to create these explorations and celebrations of the senses! So I have updated the master note list once again just in time to start thinking about loved ones for the holidays!

*whistle whistle* Get a load of this beauty modeling some amazing pieces! Thanks for this feature Mal!

Photo Credit – Jay – Wingostarr Jewelry
Beautiful Mallory Models Designs from BethKaya (ring) Emmy Eff (Arm Cuff) XiolaBlueFox (Earrings)


As for more experiments – I hosted my very first customer appreciation day on instagram yesterday and it went really amazing. A lot of my customers LOVE to share photos of their pieces they recieve from me. It not only supports me through digital word of mouth marketing but I have these beautiful photos! So I shared collages and special out takes along with a giveaway contest and some other fun things. I want to do this regularly! I loved the (+) buzz sharing my gratitude dug up! It’s hard not to shout it from the rooftops when you have SUCH amazing customers and connections brewing all the time.


BK in Crystal Wreathe


In other lightwork news, we are an official sponsor of the #90daysofmindfulness challenge on IG and Facebook – look it up, join – pick something in your life to be mindful of. My challenge is #selflove. I am my worst critic so my goal is to pay attention to that. To be mindful of myself, the way I show my love for myself and others as well as make sure I am doing my own thing and not worrying about those copiers we mentioned earlier! Self Love can be work! You have to step over certain feelings, chores or work to just give yourself the nourishment you really need. What are you going to pick for your #90daysofmindfulness? Comment below!

Keep tuning in on social media to see what we are getting involved with. My number one objective this winter is to keep designing and partnering with causes and artists I adore. So get in on some of that action!


Lastly there is a WONDERFUL contest I’m a co sponsor for on instagram ending 10/24
Look that up too! TONS of loot, perfumes from me – necklace from my girl Mal from Wingostarr Jewelry, Hmong Tribe Cushion Cover from Addicted to Happy, Lip Honey Scrub and Coconut Milk Bath by Cocolust, Meditation book by Positive Peeps and GEMS! All you have to do to enter is follow us and share on Instagram!!!

How rad is it to get to work with such amazing people all the time!? We are GLOBAL baby!



EDM with Liz Echeverri, Echostage Venue


2135 Queens Chapel Road Northeast

Washington, DC 20018

(202) 503-2330


It’s nearly 3 am, the lights are coming back on and the closing act is finishing the last song in their set. You follow the crowd and make your way out the door holding on to your best friend/boyfriend/girlfriend. It’s late, you aren’t even thinking about how you have to work in a few hours or the lack of sleep from what you just saw. You are tired, actually exhausted and still buzzing from the excitement. It was one of the best experiences in your life at one of the top venues in the Washington, DC area: a night at Echostage.

After some extenuating circumstances and renovations the DC venue reopened in September 2012 and since hosted some of the top DJ s in the world including: Above & Beyond http://www.aboveandbeyond.nu/ , Armin van Buuren http://www.arminvanbuuren.com/ , and Tiesto http://tiesto.com/. (Electronic Dance Music or EDM http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_dance_music ). This is the birth place of the trance duo, New World Punx https://www.facebook.com/NewWorldPunx which include Ferry Corsten and Markus Schulz. Located on Queens Chapel Road in North East DC, this concert hall is 30,000 plus sq ft, top-tier design with balconies on each side, and advanced LED displays. They recently installed LED panels in front of the stage for light shows which makes the performance ten times more appealing for the audience. Before its opening, Panorama and Club Glow co-owner Antonis Karagounis told The Washington Post, “The idea is to create the biggest concert venue in the tri-state area (DC, Maryland, and Virginia)… Something that will be used for amazing electronic music shows, but will be able to accommodate hip-hop, R&B and rock, as well.”  Brightest Young Things (BYT) described Echostage as, “The venue that Washington DC has been missing.” Since its rebirth, the fame and popularity of Echostage has been growing fast over and gaining popularity, not only is it number three in the country, it has now earned its place as number nineteen in the world in DJMag “Top 100 clubs”.

You know when a celebrity goes back to their hometown and they talk about a special place they always went to for music? That is what Echostage is for me: ‘my second home’. I have had the privilege to see some of my favorite DJ s including Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond (twice) and Adventure Club https://www.facebook.com/AdventureClub.  A place I have learned what EDM really is, to understand why people love not just the music but the atmosphere as well, a sense of euphoria, unity, and magic of seeing a DJ/producer in their element. As the “ravers” and “bassheads” like to say, “Nothing, but good vibes.” Every time I leave, no matter how late it is, I am the happiest I have ever been, the atmosphere and people are what make this space special. I have developed a connection with Echostage and from time to time, I get “withdrawals” from not being there. No matter who are you or how old you are, you should go experience one night at one of the greatest places on earth (in my opinion).

Editors Note: Hi everyone! Here are a few other venues/clubs around the United States that have the same kind of vibe as Echostage in case you are not in the Washington, DC area. BKDC, BethKaya Design & Consulting was built for artists and pieced together while chief creator, Beth was listening to a variety of music styles. We believe the relationship between music, art and style go hand and hand and we support and enjoy the eclectic tastes of all of our readers. Enjoy and don’t forget to stop and hear the music 🙂

-Kelly Hecht, Chief Editor at BKDC

 Miami: The Electric Pickle Company, http://electricpicklemiami.com/

Chicago: SpyBar, http://www.spybarchicago.com/

NYC Cielo, http://www.cieloclub.com/

Brooklyn: Output Club, http://outputclub.com/

Denver: Beta Nightclub, http://www.betanightclub.com/

Los Angeles: Sound Nightclub, http://soundnightclub.com/

Las Vegas: XS Nightclub, http://www.xslasve

 Chief Creative, BethKaya’s picks for her favorite venues. Check them out!

 NYC: Le Poisson Rouge, http://www.lepoissonrouge.com/

NYC: The Bitter End, http://www.bitterend.com/

NYC: Mercury Lounge, http://www.mercuryloungenyc.com

 DC:9:30 Club, http://www.930.com/

Virginia: State Theater, http://www.thestatetheatre.com/index.xml

New Jersey :The Saint, http://www.thesaintnj.com/

New Jersey: The Stone Pony, http://www.stoneponyonline.com/

NYC: Highline Ballroom, http://highlineballroom.com/

Brooklyn: Brooklyn Bowl, http://www.brooklynbowl.com/

Nashville: The National Underground, http://www.thenationalunderground.com/index.html

*All images from Google

“Baskets of Happiness” By: Lady Cartelli


       Once a month I get a craving like no other. I need it. I have to have it. I can’t shake my hunger until it’s appeased. Xiao long bao (xlb), aka soup dumplings, is a Shanghai phenomenon that puts all other dumplings to shame. I have thought deeply about all types of dumplings. I once dedicated a car ride to brainstorming about all different cultural dumplings (ravioli, empanada, shumai, pierogi, etc.) and tried to engage my husband in such a conversation. His dumpling enthusiasm wasn’t quite at my level, but he can agree that soup dumplings are special. In fact, he lets me drag him to busy parts of Jersey, Chinatown, or even Flushing to satiate my obsession.

       When made correctly, soup dumplings are a culinary experience. Imagine a very thin skinned, steamed dumpling filled with a light pork mixture, as opposed to the dense mystery inside most take-out dumplings. Add to that a savory, decadent soup broth inside of the dumpling, surrounding the filling.

     Typically, restaurants that make xiao long bao will offer two types: pork and crab/pork mix. If you can’t handle fishy then I suggest sticking to the pork, I do.

How do you eat a soup dumpling?

First, try and control yourself when they present you with the basket full of happiness. They’re hot, so give them a minute. While you wait, put some of the vinegar accompaniment in your soup spoon. Use the provided tongs, or chopsticks, to grab the top, twisted part of the dumpling, and place the dumpling onto your spoon. Do this very carefully because if you break the dumpling you lose 90% of the awesome. Carefully nibble a small hole in the top of the dumpling, and sip some of the broth. Be present in this moment because nothing else will matter and troubles will fade away. Some of the broth will leak into your spoon (yay) and some of the broth will fall onto your plate (boo). Let the dumpling breathe for a moment, unhinge your jaw, and eat the best dumpling you’ve ever tasted. It’s blissful.

*Disclaimer, that is how I do it, and nothing about this process could be authentic.

Check out my husband, doing a decent job taking down a dumpling, here:


Here are my top 3 spots to eat xlb in the NYC area. Soup dumplings are best when the skin of the dumpling is thin, the meat inside isn’t heavy, and the broth is flavorful. I’ve tried these places out, and they fit the criteria.

  1. Petite Soo Chow, Cliffside Park, NJ
  2. Shanghai Cafe, Mott Street, Chinatown
  3. Nan Xiang Dumpling House, Flushing

In closing, if this post doesn’t make you rush out to try some xiao long bao, then maybe Anthony Bourdain can sway you:


*Editors Note: Here are a few places in other neighborhoods outside of the New York area to get xlb. Enjoy!

-Kelly Hecht, Chief Editor

Shanghai Lounge, Georgetown, Washington, DC

Shanghai Taste, Rockville, MD

ROC, Los Angeles, CA

Moon Palace Restaurant, Chicago, IL

Lung Gong Restaurant, Miami, FL

Dumpling Happiness, Austin, TX

Gourmet Dumpling House, Boston, MA

Trendsetter: Jamie Chung


Every month I am going to feature a person that I feel is a trendsetter and “fashionista”. This month I am putting the spotlight on fellow blogger and actress, Jamie Chung. I remember Jamie from 10 years ago when she was on MTV’S “The Real World”. Since her stint on reality tv the San Franciso native has become an actress, starring in ABC’c “Once Upon a Time” as Mulan, the movie “Eden” and now you can see her on NBC’s “Believe”.

Jamie has her own blog, whatthechung.com all about her personal fashion tastes and everyday life. Recently she moved to New York City, got engaged to fellow actor, Bryan Greenberg and is sporting a stunning diamond ring. 

She inspires many of my fashion choices and can really pull off a pair of leather pants and silver, flat oxfords. Hats off to you Jamie, for making it after life on a reality television show and your amazing blog. Please enjoy my choices for some of her best outfits, I hope it inspires you as well!


*All Images from Google



“Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know where to go shopping.”

Bo Derek”

Loving expensive labels can be a real challenge for anyone with limited funds. I am one of these people but am also a HUGE fan of buying luxury goods that are ‘pre-owned’ or ‘pre-loved’. You do not have to go out to an actual thrift store and rummage through thousands of items to find a few gems, now there are online sites and some of the best thrift stores even have their own websites. From handbags to wedding dresses you can find the most   desired items from 50 to 90% off the original retail price. I included only EXAMPLES of the luxury goods you can find on these sites, most of it goes very fast but they change everyday so please check the actual webpage for the most up-to-date items. Here are my picks, Enjoy.


Yoogi’s Closet, http://www.yoogiscloset.com/

Manolo Blahnik, $150.00

Gucci, $195.00

No joke, I bought my Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes in decent condition here for 150.00! I mean, what else can I say about that? They offer a fantastic selection of Chanel, Gucci and Burberry and have a 100% authentic guarantee on all their luxury items, 30-day hassle free return policy and you can gift wrap anything you buy. You can also sell any of your personal, luxury items, here it the link: http://www.yoogiscloset.com/how-to-sell-something . Do not forget about their accessories and jewelry, they have a decent variety for all budgets.


Portero, http://www.portero.com/

Louis Vuitton, $310.00

Tiffany and Co., $155.00

Burberry, $150.00

I love this site for their vintage goods: http://www.portero.com/shop-by-category/vintage.html. They have a whole selection of classic, vintage bags and watches some of which are 50% off. Check out the silk scarves, a lot of Burberry.

 *Tradesy, http://www.tradesy.com/

My personal bag(s) from Tradesy

Christian Dior, $150.00 & Escada, $50.00

Christian Louboutin, $349.00

J.Crew, $47.00

Tradesy is a site that offers a little something for everyone. You can input your name and email for extra savings but their prices are great without the extra information. Offering brands like Coach, Free People, J.Crew, H&M and Cole Haan and they have handbags, accessories, clothing and even wedding dresses for every budget. Tradesy includes a section for maternity wear and plus sizes, good fashion comes in all shapes and sizes! I actually just bought two Dior and one Escada bags from there (see above for two of my purchases) and will continue to use Tradesy.

FASHIONPHILE, http://www.fashionphile.com/

Hermes, $495.00

Prada, $295.00

David Yurman, $545.00

Not only can you buy great jewelry on this site (David Yuman, Hermes, Van Cleef & Arpels) you can also sell any luxury handbag you have on this site as well. Here is the link to sell a bag: https://www.fashionphile.com/sell-your-bag Its nice to use to site like this versus one like Ebay, it is a more direct audience to what you are selling.



Vera Wang, $425.00

Monique Lhuillier, $1,500.00

Amsale, $520.00

 Very few of us have $9,000 to spend on a wedding dress, this site makes it happen for a cut of that price. Wedding dresses are only worn once for the most part so why not make someone’s special purchase your own for ‘designer cheap’? This is a great site that includes designers like Monique Lhuillier, Reem Acra, Amsale and Vera Wang. Amazing.

Housing Works, http://shop.housingworks.org/

My own skirt bought in 2012 from Housing Works on the Upper West Side, NYC, Banana Republic, $25.00

By far, my favorite thrift store(s) in New York City. I have bought many items here and like all thrift shops, it wasn’t the perfect fit so all I did was take it to a TRUSTED tailor to create the size I needed. You can find clothing, shoes, accessories and antiques on the Housing Works website, for auction. Prices start very low so take a look, you don’t have to live in Manhattan to shop at them.

BAG BORROW OR STEAL, http://www.bagborroworsteal.com/

Tory Burch, $100.00 a month to rent

Jimmy Choo, $170.00 to buy

I first heard of this site from ‘Sex and the City’, the movie. Jennifer Hudson, (Carrie Bradshaw’s assistant) explained that this web page was how she “rented” her purse that Carrie was admiring. That movie made “leasing” popular and I believe BAG BORROW OR STEAL is easy and risk free to your budget. A genius concept allowing anyone to rent a luxury item one month at a time.

*My personal favorite

Highlights from New York Fall Fashion Week 2014


“Design is a constant challenge to balance comfort with luxe , the practical with the desirable”

-Donna Karan

Even though we are a few seasons ahead the fashion world moves fast and is already thinking about sweaters, holiday dresses, wool skirts and jackets. New York Fall Fashion Week took place in February and designers showed up with their A game, keeping in mind Pantones color palate for Fall, 2014. Just like the Spring the color report is guide or road map to shade and tones we will be seeing this fall in department stores around the country. This is just a small taste of the highlights from fashion week, a preview of designer wear and as we get closer to the fall I will put out a piece on the actual Pantone colors in stores. For now enjoy a sneak peek of whats to come for the Autumn season in color. Enjoy! -Kel

From Karolyn Pho’s fall collection staying in Pantones Bright Colbat Blue color mixed with a bold leather pant

Anna Sui’s 2014 collection in a Cypress Green

From the Ralph Lauren show Mauve Mist

Badgley Mischka in Cognac

A splash of Misted Yellow at Trina Turk

Aurora Red appears at the always fun Betsey Johnson show

and also at the Jenny Packham show

Carolina Herrera dress in a Royal Blue

Sangria showing up at the Tommy Hilfiger show and Zac Posen

Aluminum appears at Diane Von Furstenberg



Mixing Patterns, Men and Women


“I don’t consider my own clothing to be outrageous… The truth is that people just don’t have the same references that I do. To me it’s very beautiful and it’s art, and to them it’s outrageous and crazy” – Lady Gaga

In the past people followed fashion rules or guidelines but like everything, style has evolved and a common trend popping up is the mixture of patterns that would not normally ever been paired in the same outfit. This is a great technique if you are in need of an update to your clothing but do not have the budget to buy a bunch of new pieces. I stick with one rule when mixing and matching, keep the colors alike if you are going to clash the pattern. Keeping the same palate is appealing to the eye and will make your outfit look put together instead of a ‘hot mess’. Here are a few examples for women and men mixing and matching clothing. Enjoy, -Kelly

Stripes and Floral are a common mix, keeping the red in both patterns matching makes this outfit pop.

Another example, the gray in both pants and shirt make this one.

Different patterns of floral with the same pink color.

The black and white color combination is perfect for this spring look. 

Great every figure!

Mixing of different sized polka dots with layering. I think this is the easiest one to try and experiment with.

A scarf is a great way to start mixing patterns. Its a piece that can be used for a pop of color and pattern

I love this look, a touch of dalmatian spot and a bold colorful stripe.

A Perfect work outfit.

With men it’s a subtle mix. This jacket is the perfect way to start for men, a piece that can be removed.

A good reference for trying to mix stripe on stripe for work- shirts and ties.

This look is for the bold dresser, ambitious for any guy.

Staying in classic colors that match work the best.

Love the polka dot shirt and a plaid tie. Good for casual or work.

Meet BKDC’s First Contributing Writer – Kelly Hecht


As I mentioned in the last two posts – in 2014 I am rolling out a new plan for this website. I plan to turn this into a powerhouse of information, fashion, art & design.

Kelly has been a longtime friend of mine socially and professionally. She has great style and a knack for words. Here at the BKDC – She’s going to share her passion for fashion, trend and whatever else she wants to. She’s that cool – and we want in!

Here’s a little bio – expect more gab from her in 2014!


About Kelly – From Kelly

“I am a chameleon. Whether it is fashion or life, I am looking for new ways to change and evolve. I am never satisfied in the same place for long.  I was born in Korea, and adopted as a baby.  Despite being raised in the DC area; I spend my time going between my hometown of Maryland and my second home New York City trying to eat Spanish tapas and traveling whenever possible.  My first “real job” was with The Washington Post’s local newspaper, naturally then the Gazette, and most recently I was a buyer for the Trump Organization in Manhattan.

Living and working in both the NYC and the DC area, I have tried to develop a style all my own. I am looking for ways to stay both trendy and classic but find myself asking the question, “What does a 30 year old wear?” I want to focus on that question as I know I am not the only one that asks themselves that question each day. Trend spotting and setting is my lifeblood! I am constantly updating with the newest styles, every season on and off the runway. It is my mission to discover – how can these elements be tied together and how it can they be incorporated into your closet at home.  From Jordan’s to Chanel Espadrilles, Neiman Marcus to Target- I adore fashion and have a deep respect for people that make style their own. My number one rule on “style”: If you are in love with what you wear chances are you will look and feel good too.”

There you have it!

Have a great week! Stay Tuned!


Wording It Out In the New Year


2014 is about to get even wordier.

As I am sure you’ve noticed if you’re following me on Social Media – Things are getting pretty wordy with my jewelry as well as my Tarot practice. For the first time this blog will begin to feature the voices of some of my dearest peers and mentors.

>I am totally awesome because I keep even BETTER company.<
So here’s the deal – stay tuned as I start to roll out the 2014 Cast of BethKaya Design and Consulting. Be prepared for more art, fashion, business and spirit talk wrapped up in real information for the dream chaser in you. For the person kicking around an idea, a goal or a talent they want to get a grip on and aim it at the world. This blogs for you!

A person can easily eliminate any fear of competition if you focus on making your voice unique while appealing to the higher waves of trend. Everyone has the same  chance to make art or design things you enjoy as well as sell those items. This blog is also simply to help put designs skills to use spiritually, stylistically and on the homefront. It’s one thing to make things, it’s another to sell them or actually want them out on display in your own home!

If you’re reading this and you’re saying to yourself, “I have a voice and I want to use it” – Message me. Let’s put it to use. BETHKAYA is a label for MAVERICKS! Let’s light this blog on FIRE with Information, Spirit, Radical Ideas in Design, Art, Fashion and Homelife!

Very excited!

Blessings –