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Summer Tease 2014 BethKaya


Hello BethKaya Tribe! If you have been following us on social media you are seeing the BLITZ of products that we are pumping out for Spring and Summer! Items we love right now?

Holy / Sacred Woods – Palo Santo, Hazelwood, Teak, Siam Rosewood, Tulsi.

GLITTER – Special Shapes imported from everywhere and mounted under genuine polished glass in antiqued bronze or silver plated bezel settings.

Sea Glass – Locally Sourced

Feathers- Ethically Sourced

Hair – Synthetic and Human – All Ethically Sourced

Butterfly Wings – Ethically Sourced

Space – Spacially Sourced

Paper – That I have collected and hoarded for the last decade, paintings, clippings, liner notes & album covers

Metal – Blanks, Custom Pieces, Bangles, Charms

Engravings – You Say It – We Stamp It

Look for items featuring these! Also we are testing scents/ potions / soaps and eventually candles! Chime in with your favorite unisex scents!

This summer BK will be DJing locally and also providing creative entertainment via Henna tattoos, Glitter tattoos, Facepainting, Hair and Nail Art and Event Support! Get in touch to book us for your special event! We have a TEAM of awesome artists and creatives waiting to make your event really pop off and be memorable. BethKaya@gmail.com – REACH OUT NOW! The schedule is filling up!

Photo Candy Time –


Malas of Sacred Materials for Men & Women

Our Eternal Color Pallette

Coming to the Shop! Shannas Soap N Shave Cubes! All Natural Awesomness!

Stones, Stones, Stones

Hand Blended 1 at a Time – With Herbs, Flowers & Gemstones – EXCLUSIVELY @BKDC

Charm Bangles!



Double Size Glass Cabochon Rings in Antiqued Brass Settings


Pin, Antique Bezel Style setting, Feather N Glitter + Deep Space.. Yes

Rough Gem Parcels – This one went for $12 bucks!! Follow @BethKaya to get in on the game!

Love & Blessings – BethKaya

Summer is gonna RIP!

Exp of Gem Parcels for Sale and Auction on BETHKAYA instagram! Follow U

The Bangles


Well I am knee deep in a bangle explosion here at BethKaya Design. Thankfully Kelly is keeping you all in check with your style game while I literally hammer into the wee hours! I wanted to do a piece dedicated to Bangles, to ULTIMATE Bangles and also showcase the style I built this label on, which is layers, textures, free spirit, clothes and accessories with SOUL!

Enjoy -> All images are sourced from GOOGLE -So if anyone comes barking at me for copyright cries, cry to google, enjoy the party and be thankful BKDC showcased your loveliness!


The GRT Bangle Set – The Gas to The Flame

A few weeks ago I made this set to honor the rules of GORUCK. Since this set went out, I have made close to 100 custom, unique and special bangles for folks.


LOVE Bangle By Cartier

This bangle is THE ULTIMATE bangle. The holy grail of bangles, if you will and you will. This bangle directly from Cartier runs almost $6,400.00 Retail. It comes with a screwdriver and you lock it onto your love. That simple. You can find them on ebay for a grand or two, still, that’s pricey. I promise you, I will have one in my collection some day! Take note!

Also I think that it took me a long time to accept competing tones, colors and patterns – but the reality is if you embrace any style with confidence and a pinch of inspiration, I think it all looks great! Life is too short to wear 1 piece at a time. 🙂

Onto the fun stuff – here are the bangles and styles BETHKAYA sees when she closes her eyes: