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April Opening and JOY Spray Recipe!



Spring has sprung! My shop is open and flowing. I am slow and going, but moving! Some changes – ship time will be a little slower, please understand I take a lot of time on each package and personalize every one. This isn’t an overnight thing, especially with some welcome volume!

Oilspiration! Alllll day! . . . . . . #essentialoils #rollon #gemstones #botanicals #plantmedicine

Less green fragrances, nothing new for this season in that department, just old favorites people love. This collection is aimed at people who are sensitive to chemicals and also essential oils. With that, I have designed SO MANY essential oil aromatherapy blends and am releasing them little by little to share with you.


New Beeswax Candles and Some Hand Picked Specimes also! *If you are looking for essential Oil diffuser equipment, message me on etsy!



Check the shop out to see and read about some of the aromatherapy new players!

This season has LOTS of citrus –

Lime, Grapefruit, Lemon, Tangerine, Blood Orange

also GINGER!

and MINT – Spearmint, Wintergreen, Peppermint

Finally – mid tones like Marjoram and Clary sage – This seasons hues are ALL about pushing forward, through, elevation, invigoration, motivation and inspiration!

EVERY ORDER is getting surprises to make each person feel really special for making self care a priority!

EVERY ORDER is getting surprises to make each person feel really special for making self care a priority!

What tones are you loving this season?

to try to get the word out for Ya. This is a place for #art, #communication, #connection and sometimes #charity. I also want to shout out @hopeforsteve @hopieannc and @elkemi_creations for their current efforts as well. In my next comment below im going to shout out a lot of accounts you can #pray for, and this #mandala - the #seedoflife and #platonicsolids are for anyone hurting right now, myself and sister included.

For my essential Oil heads out there here is a little recipe for a lifting

JOY SPRAY which I like to keep around the bathroom or foyer space:

*Supplies – Amazon has a great selection of oils, bottles and mixing supplies!

1 – 2 oz Glass Amber Sprayer

1 – tsp Witch Hazel

6 D Sweet Orange Essential Oil

4 D Peppermint Essential Oil

3 D Bergamot Essential Oil

4 D Lemon Essential Oil

3 D Vanilla Essential Oil (Optional)

1 – tsp 80 Proof Vodka


Mix, Shake and Spray! Add a Quartz or Citrine to the bottle to boost the Amplification Power!

Enjoy your Work Week Friends! Do it with Passion!



Meet BKDC’s First Contributing Writer – Kelly Hecht


As I mentioned in the last two posts – in 2014 I am rolling out a new plan for this website. I plan to turn this into a powerhouse of information, fashion, art & design.

Kelly has been a longtime friend of mine socially and professionally. She has great style and a knack for words. Here at the BKDC – She’s going to share her passion for fashion, trend and whatever else she wants to. She’s that cool – and we want in!

Here’s a little bio – expect more gab from her in 2014!


About Kelly – From Kelly

“I am a chameleon. Whether it is fashion or life, I am looking for new ways to change and evolve. I am never satisfied in the same place for long.  I was born in Korea, and adopted as a baby.  Despite being raised in the DC area; I spend my time going between my hometown of Maryland and my second home New York City trying to eat Spanish tapas and traveling whenever possible.  My first “real job” was with The Washington Post’s local newspaper, naturally then the Gazette, and most recently I was a buyer for the Trump Organization in Manhattan.

Living and working in both the NYC and the DC area, I have tried to develop a style all my own. I am looking for ways to stay both trendy and classic but find myself asking the question, “What does a 30 year old wear?” I want to focus on that question as I know I am not the only one that asks themselves that question each day. Trend spotting and setting is my lifeblood! I am constantly updating with the newest styles, every season on and off the runway. It is my mission to discover – how can these elements be tied together and how it can they be incorporated into your closet at home.  From Jordan’s to Chanel Espadrilles, Neiman Marcus to Target- I adore fashion and have a deep respect for people that make style their own. My number one rule on “style”: If you are in love with what you wear chances are you will look and feel good too.”

There you have it!

Have a great week! Stay Tuned!


DIY – All The Live Long Day!

Since someone linked me into the wonders of Pinterest, my addiction to DIY has been brought to a whole new level.  Because of the little images scrolling by my feed, I have found SO many wonderful and talented blogs bloggers and websites lending information about the various things that interest me and my purposes. Something about crafting, cooking and creating really gives me pride. I’m no longer paying 6 bucks for the weakest bottle of natural house hold cleaner on the planet. I pay about 80 cents a bottle and make my own!  Here are a few blogs and sites I’ve been sniffing around lately:
Here is my DIY pinboard!
OOOH LALA! Where to start? What are your favorite DIY spots online?

Living Room Bowling On a Rainy Day


The other day I was in the check out isle of a store and from the check out noticed a mini bowling pin set. I know this has  happened to you; when there is a packed line behind you and you spot one more thing you think you might want to buy but know if you step one inch out of line you’re getting clobbered by everyone behind you? One of those… Anyhow, once I paid I went over to the bowling set and looked it over. It was pretty cheap plastic and had a 10 dollar price tag. I put it down and went home.
My little boy loves sports. He loves to play ball and he really gets into it. He shouts “BALL!” wildly as he hurls a ball at you laughing and clapping. We are die hard yankee fans around here as well and he loves laying with mom and dad for a little baseball before bed. Someone gave him a pair of little golf clubs recently too and we play hockey around the house with them. He’s a natural!  

This morning I woke up to a rainy rainy day. My kid needs to exert energy or he can be quite a  little rascal (to put it mildly). This morning while Silas was eating I collected 10 similar juice bottles from our recycling bin. There are a MILLION uses and reuses for plastic and glass bottles and containers!  I scrubbed them with hot soapy water and took all the labels off. Using some dollar store construction paper, Silas and I made new labels with giant numbers on each pin using different colors and some packing tape.  We had a blast making and playing with our pins today! Silas didn’t quite get that he needed to roll the ball to knock the pins down. When I’d tell him “GO!” he’d throw the ball in the air and crash into all the pins throwing and kicking them wildly around the room. He has innovated the game!  Every time I tried to set them up he’d kick or knock them out of my hands before I could put them down and he laughed hysterically while doing so. Hey, mission accomplished and on top of that, we scored a PM nap which is touch and go these days. Hopefully he’ll sleep like a champ tonight! Our game was a nice distraction too from the gigantic molars that have been pounding his little lower jaw all week!
Next you need an indoor craft and sport, dig into your recycling bin! 

All in good and cheeky fun,


Up-cycled Bracelets for Breast Cancer II


Remember when I posted about the awesome bracelets I made from upcycled T shirts for a pal with cancer? Well I hit my goal and I’m working towards another one for another warrior, ALREADY! You know what this means? This is WORKING!  I am selling them for 5 bucks for 3 . They come in all colors and fit almost anyone. They look awesome with your summer gear! ALL proceeds are going to a fund I’ve set up to give amex gift cards to individuals battling breast cancer.  This gift can go towards anything, copays, dinner, medical bills, groceries and more. Give a little, get a little and make an even bigger difference!

Do some good and get some awesome bracelets in exchange! Do you know someone battling breast cancer? Would you like me and my team to take up your warrior’s battle too? Email BethKaya with details, we can start a waiting list a mile long as long as people continue to care and support this cause! 

For 3 bracelets shoot me a paypal donation of $5.00 ($7.00 if shipping) to Bethkaya@gmail.com with your address and color preferences in the memo section. If you do not have paypal email BethKaya for mailing instructions.

Information on our first warrior – 
“Love, Light, Fight” – Brianne Diomede 

I Need Your T’s!


Got some awesome Tshirts that you can’t wear any longer but want them to go to a great and cherished home?

I am working on a project for charity that involves crafts fashioned from old T shirts.  A portion of all proceeds will go directly to several  individuals fighting the big C. Get in touch with me if you’re local and want to donate to a cause that isn’t going to turn your donation into their profits! (Ahem, shame on the local thrifts that jack the prices up on their DONATED goods) 

Feel good about yourself! Do something to help someone in need! 


Thank you supporters! Sow your karma!