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Last night I was up till 5am cleansing crystals in the rain. From each batch I just brought in, I pinched a few crystals that spoke to me – for you. This parcel here contains 43 raw gems. Aquamarine, Emerald, Kyanite Sapphire, Strawberry Tourmaline, Chalcopyrite, Hiddenite and Topaz. So much has been hitting me lately and I find myself falling into typical human emotional swings but one thing is certain – I have support and it’s amazing. The entire parcel can be yours by sharing this photo and hashtag #BethKaya15k When I reach 15 thousand followers – I will select by way of random number generator (random.org) one of the entries under that tag to receive this incredible and priceless really parcel of gems. Sound good? One daily entry please, don’t spam your friends 😘 also today is the final day to use coupon code GRATEFULJUNE2015 at checkout for 15% off your order. (Rare for me to do coupon codes!) Thank you for your support, for the real dialogue we have here and for being your starry eyed beautiful selves. I appreciate the realness in what feels like a world of fading authenticity and loyalty. I am looking forward to more exciting things on the horizon as an energy worker and intuitive artist using metaphysical and new age modalities to enhance our vibrational wellness. 🙏 All my love and endless gratitude, Beth💋 #giveaway #parcel #gems #crystals #gratitude #energywork #floweroflife #sacredgeometry


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