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My baby is so sick again. Damn preschool. ?On my way to grab provisions. He has double ear infections. I’m going the antibiotic route because it’s in both ears and has fluid building (caused 99%hearing loss in myself when I was his age) im all ears for more tips please (he’s 4 but I still consider myself new!!)! Some tags of my gear if you tap and wanna see. This clutch is by @mal_wingostarrjewelry @redbubble with the herkimer electroformed ring too, the shirt is by @hexappealclothing my son is snuggling in the matching hoodie, leaf Opal and lab necklace is by @thisthatandthese and my cuff and Orgone heart necklace is by me ☺️?❤️ #swag #gear #sickbabyblues


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Camera Products I Love, And Not so Much (Pt.1 of 2)


Hello! My name is Rommy and I will be one of the contributing photographers here at the BKDC blog! I’m excited to be working with such talented people that have great vision and such dedication. Hopefully some of that dedication can rub off on me and get me off my ass!

For my first piece, I would like to discuss some photography related products. I consider myself to be a photo nerd and an electronics geek. But for today, Im going to stick more on the products in photography that I love using, can’t stand using, and things I wish I bought.

First up, we have the A7 camera strap.  These straps are absolutely gorgeous. They are handmade right here in the USA. Since A7’s launch in Brooklyn NY, I’ve watched this company grow. From selling a few straps in their apartment, to being used as an accessory on the runway, they have come a long way. If  you have been hunting around for a strap, or you don’t like the look of the one that your camera came with (typically the brand is all over it ) or you just need a change, consider ordering one of their leather straps. They come in beautiful rich earth tone colors. The designers spent a lot of time doing their research in finding the perfect leather, while still staying true to their main goal: production stays completely in NY and the USA.  I believe that is what sets this company apart from the rest. Their desire to be part of every aspect and their careful attention to detail.
Even if you have a point and shoot, I would recommend ordering a strap. A7 sells thinner straps for smaller cameras. I also plan on ordering one for my six year old son, who recently purchased his very own point and shoot himself! Gotta love following in mom’s footsteps! Honestly, its the durability and strength of each style of their straps that really sold me. So I know once he puts on around his neck, his camera is safe. Plus, he’ll be one fly little dude!



Next up, let’s discuss “the battery grip.”  When I first started my photography business, I saw that all the “pros” had a battery grip on their cameras. So naturally, I did the research about why they purchased this piece, if it was a necessity or more of an accessory, etc.  My husband went ahead and bought one, I’m guessing the sales guy also helped sell him on it. It definitely makes you FEEL like a pro, thats for sure, but its heavy, and bulky and well if we’re being honest…kind of pointless. It’s great if you are going to be out for 8 hours shooting, and you don’t want to deal with the hassle of flicking open a battery compartment and swapping out a battery (which to me, is no hassle at all.)

I will say though, that one neat thing about the battery grip is that it comes with a double A battery tray. What this does, is instead of using the regular camera battery, you can insert the tray that fits six double A batteries, into the grip, and start shooting. In the instance where your camera batteries run out of juice and you need to run outside to the nearest CVS to buy some batteries and run back in to start shooting again, it definitely can be a life saver.

You could have, you know, made sure my batteries were fully charged to begin with. We all know things happen so still, this feature is a nice little insurance to have.

Do I use it during each of my shoots? Nope.

I have my camera in my hands at all times and I rarely use a tripod. Having added weight is not good on the wrists if you  shoot the way I do.  It’s great however to have in my camera bag, along with my battery charger, AND an endless supply of double A’s.

So as you can see, I’m really up in the air about this product – If it was cheaper I would be quicker to urge you to run out and get it.  At over $100 a pop, it really is something that you are going to have to decide for yourself if its worth it or not, but know you don’t HAVE to have it.


Tomorrow I will discuss Part 2, camera bags!