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Time Rolls On and Healing

"Bloom For Your Conditions, Always"

“Bloom For Your Conditions, Always”


Happy 2016! I am wholly not sure if anyone reads my blog. I chase the digital streets in a lot of corners so who knows where I shed traction or not. Surely the last year has been explosive for my @BethKaya instagram account but I ALSO notice funny things happening with it because of that. I won’t go there but it’s also been a source of new growth.

So I had a gnarly surgery to remove a large mass that grew in my breast and side recently. It is NOT cancer – but it was a 3″ edenoma/fibrocystic/calcium mass that doesn’t exactly scream out “I’m Healthy!” and caused me a lot of infections and discomfort in my muscles and ducts. So it came out and I am recovering OK. It’s been a process I will not lie. My dominant arm was affected by the surgery and that wasn’t exactly anticipated. I’ve had to look at some parts of myself internally and externally and confront those things. The business has been a huge experiment and test as a person, artist, mother, wife and friend. It’s also been a test of balance, of my love for YOU and what I do with intention. It means so much to me, it’s my sacred path. Not everyone gets it, not everyone got it last year – and I experienced losses soley do to misalignment in life path / structure with others and that is OK. We are not all aligned at once, or in the same sequence at the same time. I do believe that our relationships and insights change as we experience life and we are constantly evaluating the worth of things we do and the reward/benefit to doing them.

Photo By Rebecca Tost from @SeedEssentials - "CONNECTION TO SOURCE "

Photo By Rebecca Tost from @SeedEssentials – “CONNECTION TO SOURCE – Father of Earth “- Featuring Sacred Smudge By BethKaya & Twin Selenite Towers


This is all very leveling. I know that as I stare down a road to healing it won’t be overnight. Also – moving ahead I must be even more critical of what goes in my body, just as I am about what goes on it. Everything is sobering and only ads to my resolve. So the shop is closed for a few more days. When I reopen it will flow a little differently. Inventory will be real time and customs will not be offered at the moment. I have a LOT of stock that I made, especially leading up to the procedure. Maybe I had an intuitive hunch after all on my arm but that is where I will lie when I reopen. Premade! I hope you all had a great new year. Setting intentions – healthy healthy is all I can think about right now! Follow along on facebook if you wish – join in the conversation and participation. Lifestyle is everything to vitality! This forum is about sharing, accountability and most of all living well.

Love and Light

Beth XO




Clearing sacred space to read on this vintage deck that was passes down to me. I’ve recently welcomed this deck into my practice after spending a while getting to know it. It’s a 30+ year old deck and had it’s own time before mine. Tarot as a public offering has been a very guarded for me and I don’t tend to read in public anymore because I have a hard time really take my time to get through the stack of books I want to consult before I put my interpretation down. I am still learning even after practicing nearly 17 years. Every card has so many stories to tell! Infinite ways to apply them in their positioning and their true intent when in line with the others. All crumbs to the big portrait we want to get the Birdseye view of. Thankfully through digital readings I’ve had a lot of success keeping this on my sacred terms and offering this channel to the well intending and open of heart. If working with me via my intuitive practices sounds like something you could be interested in reach out! I love to connect and share most of all and we could be a could fit. #smudging #palosanto #sandalwood #herbalsmudge #cleansing #tuning #tarot #intuition #esoteric #knowledge #roadmap #symbols #grounding #spiritwork #lightworker #spiritpractice


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